What is the meaning, if the worker count number gets orange?

You don’t really have enough to do all your tasks.


Which tasks can that be?

chop wood?
repair buildung?
what else?

Anything that requires labourers.


Do you have list of the tasks, which only labourers do?

Labours, collect goods, harvest wood and stone, bring materials to work sites, flatten terrain, pick up things

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I’ve found sometimes if labourers are limited and say you only have 1 or 2 to do buidlers in the early game, when you optimise a building they seem to be on go slow sometimes. If a building is optimised do the workers focus on that material immediately and then build it or do they just randomply clear stone as well as logs. This is the hard level so as you can baasically be wiped out by predators on it sometimes the numbers are low. But even so having to wait 30 years to get to tier 2 seems silly. Surely 2 workers don’t take 30 years to make a rudementary building?