What is the strongest cold build right now?

Just wondering. hehe

@mad_lee Trickster perhaps. There are few builds that can match it offensively but will be glassier like full Korba set Trickster.

If you include builds with dreamy greens perhaps some of the Chillstrifes might have better performance. :thinking:

Thanks for the reply! Would you say cold is on a good spot right now or only so-so?

New patch just hit. Would be good to wait for a week or so if you really want accurate answers.

If you include green items than @Nery’s Trickster actually. There are also different definitions of “strongest”, like fastest in Crucible or deepest in Shards or bit of both, how realistic they are (like if they are only strongest with impossible to find double rares they are not as relevant).

Will try to specify more. Since the impact of last patch will take long to unveil, I’m wondering about the previous one.

Not insane amounts of green, though one or max two would be fine. Mostly focused on going high on SR.

For SR you want SR set… Maybe Infiltrator.

I was actually wondering exactly about trickster or infiltrator.