What next?

I love this game I levelling to be 85 and having the best set of gears, but what next after being full updated will your character knowing that you would have finish the game 3 times?

I just fill that is a shame that when you got the best gear you don’t have any more challenge in the story mode I now there is crucible but can became boring after a while.

So you guys who got good builded character what you do to enjoy the game? ( beside re start the process with an other built?)

Grim Dawn end game can include but not limited to:

  1. Collecting and reading all lore notes till your bored to death
  2. Improving build to kill all nemesis and mad queen in record times…
  3. finish all quests including the diary one
  4. Farm, farm and farm… ( Cruc/ vanilla)
  5. Trade, trade and trade… ( see trade forums)
  6. Do Mods
  7. Rage quit because no xpac release date and play D3 instead:rolleyes:



GD 24/7

Outside of farming or crucible the only things to do are

  1. Re-roll a new character
  2. Download a user mod and play those.

Then when the expansion is released you can then continue character on towards level 100

You could always try the rogue-like dungeons, kill all Nemeses, the secret John Bourbon clone quest and kill the Avatar of Mogdrogen, in case you haven’t done any of that yet…

Thanks for the quick replies, didn’t know that we will be able to go up to lv100 that great, beside do you have a link for the mods perhaps?

GD Mod Projects

GD Community Section

Great, thanks a lot.

PS: It’s good to see that grim dawn got a nice community.

And how is using mods not playing GD?

because i play the game vanilla style :wink:

That doesn’t change the fact that playing GD with mods is still playing GD.

I play GD with one hand while the other is occupied. So would that be the fact that playing GD, while with myself, is still playing GD?

7- rage quit cause pneumatic burst and blood of dreeg still can be a togle skill or set to autocast- but not play Diablo 3. That game is the ultimate borefest of rifting. Instead go play Titans Quest, about to ragee quit it due to drops sucking.