What skill to level a PB build ?

I’m playing a pb spellbreaker but it is terrible while leveling. What skill would be best ? There doesn’t seemt to be much choice other than playing like a bm.

I’m levelling a PB witch hunter and it feels like cheating. You only need to hold till lvl 20-24, after that PB just annihilates everything. Ofcourse I mean the non-cd version.

I took the cooldown, was that a mistake ?

I chug energy potions every few seconds even focusing heavy on energy regen and I take ages killing bosses.

You would still chug energy potions with a non-cd version, but you will kill bosses with a speed comparable to DW, if not faster. Just take some effort solving your energy issues - Ectoplasm every possible slot, probably some spirit so you can equip a caster armor, transfer energy potions from other characters, and you’ll probably speed up.
Also, don’t rush the main skill, it’s the most mana-hungry part, but early game it does the least damage imo. Take it to 8/16 to get the fourth projectile and max Heart Seeker & Nether Edge.

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Yeah I have 3 ecoplasmn on and maxed IEE too. I Haven’t got to nether edge yet though so I will focus on that.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: