What to do after finishing the campaign on Ultimate?

Ok so I’ve never completed Ultimate before. Closest I got was act3 and then a bunch of stuff happened and blah blah life etc. With the expansion I’ve made an effort to make my own build rather than copying somebody else’s, and I’m determined to finish the campaign all the way, as well as complete this build as best as I can.

The problem is that I have no idea on what to do after the campaign, and how to go about farming for the gear I need to make my build work (it’s sadly quite gear dependant to change it from a physical build to an aether one). I know there’s crucible but, it’s not really my style. I like a change of scenery as I farm.

Do the Roguelike Dungeons, Farm the Campaign Bosses, farm the Nemesis Spawns or make a new toon :stuck_out_tongue:

Nemesis spawns? Are they ultimate only content?



At the bottom you’ll find the info

no, it depends on your status with enemy factions, need get the max rept

Ah ok, so I guess I should farm reputation first then when I’m done with the campaign!

Don’t even bother hunting for nemeses, as long as you want to keep your sanity.
As game continuously expands, there come newer and newer areas nemeses can spawn within. Even at the moment targeted farming is mostly waste of time, besides Fabius/Maiden/Zantarin - but these got their loot nerfed.
Basically the only reason for nemesis farming is to get recipes, and the latter nemeses I mentioned serve this the best.
Other than that - there’s no point, nemeses in general often drop shit, and spending time on them isn’t justified.

You’d better focus on boss hunt and dungeon runs in which you can accidentally stumble upon a nemesis in addition.

And there’s something else - with the incoming expack, game will have fuck ton of content in general, multiple bosses included. I can hardly see how you won’t get bored at the end of the jorney by playing a single char.
I guess that past a certain point, when you’ve beaten everything what moves, rerolling will be the best option.

Get the Gazer Man, Anasteria Hood, Sentinel hoods, Mad Queen Claw etc unique boss stuff