What to hunt in SR

So, I’ve got one of Maya’s pet builds running in SR 65-66. Of course, I am swimming in rares on every run and I was hoping for some insight on if there were some items that I should be auto-targeting to put in my stash for possible future builds. Are there certain ‘golden’ affix combos I should be on the look-out for to shorten my run-times so I’m not picking up everything? Certain MIs with the ‘right’ rolls that make them worth holding onto…

I know we can never know what I may play down the road, but I’d hate to pawn a uber drop regardless.


filter out rares, only have MIs on
keep double rare MIs basically regardless of affix “just in case”, and because they can help with resist
there are certain magick affixes that can be generally useful
OA/OA+DA; Aggressive/of attack/of readiness
resist; Impervious if it’s acid+pierce res combo
speed; of alacrity/celerity/clout/zeal
pet: Wandere’s
%mono dmg suffixes like “of Ruin” “of the Aether” and other obvious stuff (on related items) can be an ok source of bonus dmg
attribute suffixes like fox eagle etc can be ok for some too (more niche tho like the cunning stacking pierce builds)


If it’s your only character, it’s quite normal to confuse about which one to keep and which one to sell. Create a few new characters before farming. Don’t rush them to lvl 100. Experiment with them and try to figure out what to do with them, once you figure out you’ll know what you might need and so you can farm with your finşshed character to gear other ones.