What to play next...need some variety.

I have over 20 alts…most below level 20 because things just aren’t clicking. “Big” builds I have.

85 - Superfluff Commando
83 - Pokemon Summoner
70 - Rifle Fire Strike Commando

Those are the big three I play. I feel as though I may have entered a fallacy because when I look at the Build Compendium, there aren’t a lot of g0/1/2 builds, and I feel like I can’t play anything unless I have the gear waiting for me. So, I farm mostly with my 85 Commando, but it’d be nice to have another build to search with.

A couple have mentioned DEE caster, but I don’t like how it aims (at lvl 33). Mobs run at my, my DEE hits closest mob and explodes and half the pack is still alive. Then I feel like I’m running around constantly waiting for CD to be up to clean up the stragglers. I just can’t seem to get into it…

So, what is out there that may give a fresh breath to my hunt. I need a change of pace.


I’m going to be getting back into Grim Dawn. My favorite character, which I should have written up a build for, I made because it appealed to multiple things I wanted. You’ve probably played enough to have some favorite or well liked devotions. You probably have a preferred play style. Build it backwards from devotion, play style, preferred mastery. Maybe even a preferred weapon type. Just a tip since you didn’t give a lot of details about what you’d want out of your next character.

My highest level character was a bit more complicated than I’d hope. I made a Trickster 2handed melee Trickster because I wanted to unlock Living Shadow, and I wanted my shadows to do a boat load of up front damage. It was a very satisfying experience because I had a goal (Living Shadow), a play style (dive in, blow shit up), and an emphasis - bleed. He ended more of a glass cannon than I had thought he would and for awhile the challenge was just making him work better which provided it’s own distraction and subsequent satisfaction.

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