What's a build that can do dungeons and SR <40 reasonably?

Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) -> “Builds for Beginners” tab. I found my first able to farm build here

Right, but that would force me to reroll a new char I assume.

I never seen a Dark One;s piece yet :P, but I do have plenty of legendaries, I would say at least 3 tabs full of them, however those ones which are not used by any builds :P.

I visited that link, but for Templar I only found 2 builds, both require full legendary sets.

Dark one’s is a target farmmable set. You need to go to that place where lokarr lives, and kill those riftwarpped dude.

There are 4 of them, each of them has a 10% chance to drop one piece of the dark one’s set. And each of them will drop ONLY a specific piece of the dark one’s.

So just keep killing them over and over again, and viola. You’ll get dark one’s.

It’s also a good place to get ugdenblooms.

Just to note: just because the builds may “use” full sets doesn’t, by any means, imply that you couldn’t make do without the sets. Use the builds as a baseline to formulate a plan and then cobble together as many items as you possibly can to “make it work”.

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Yes. Huge +1 to powbam. This is where game mechanics comes in.

So here are your most efficient options:

  1. Learn more about game mechanics so that you can rock it with your templar. This will probably require reading in hte guides/tutorial section.

  2. Get a target farmmable set, reroll a new character, and power level it (should be easy with malmouth exp/roid juice). Use new character to farm.

The latter imo is the most straightforward path.


I tried to do the Vire set but without the items required I was doing 1/10 of the damage at best, not to mention the cooldown just wasn’t low enough.

No idea about the Virtus one without the set.

Sometimes it’s hard in this game to understand what is a required item and what is a nice to have item.

There is separate section for budget builds (no legendaries required). No templars there though, probably it’s better to change masteries. I heard that Arcanist + Oathkeeper combo is one of the weakest

One tactic you could try is to find a build you are interested in and then post it here and ask: Ok what would YOU do to make this work (concerning itemization) if you didn’t have access to said items. There are tons of people here, “master” builder types that could easily give you a run down of item affixes that would be most desirable for a build for you to watch out for and acquire (hopefully relatively easy ones to find).

Yeah, but that still requires a degree of luck. As someone who actively tries to help new players, let me just say that there is a limitation to how specific our advice can be.

We don’t know your piloting preferences, we don’t know your faction rep, we don’t know what items you have in your stash, we don’t know what level your devotions are, etc. etc.

All these things matter.

Which is why the advice I tend to give players like yourself is “dark one’s/krieg.”

It’ll take you maybe a week to farm those items, and maybe a week to level a new character if done efficiently. Which you should be able to do if you follow the long ass guide I linked you in your other thread.

That really is rather fast imo.

True… but that is why I’ve always been a fan of RNG, roguelike and diablolike games. It’s all about the RNG for me - that’s the entire premise of these genres. It’s the literal backbone of their design philosophy.

Mate, I’m in full agreement with you here. I’m just trying to cater my answer for OP.

I think he/she might be a little frazzled with the RNG :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s also worth trying elite SR or challenger 150.

I hear the drops there are pretty decent.

Also, if you’re dead set on using your templar to farm, USE CONSUMABLES.

They are cheap, and can be obtained in abundance.

Think of them as an investment.

Very true. Sometimes they can give you just enough of the edge you need to tackle areas your gear might not be fully up to snuff for - and thus, hopefully acquire better gear while doing so.

Let me give an example.

Say you’re farming Malmouth which has a butt tonne of atherials: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7457

Boom. Your DPS is increased by 15% with one press of a button.

What I did, and this is in my guide, was take the revenant constellation, while loading up on 2x sanctified bones, with green shoes with the cleric prefix to get…+47% damage to undead.

I then farmed SoT over and over again.

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Well, my 2 goals with the Templar was to either:

I didn’t know the skate 2 win required a set that only drops from all different dungeons which I can’t farm yet = no luck here

The spin 2 win is kind of OK, I’m survivable I guess, but extremely low DPS for what I see, and I can’t survive the more dangerous dungeons, only SoT and barely.

The other Templar build I found here required the Virtue set which I didnt find a single piece of it yet.

So… yeah.

I started leveling a Conjurer since I like pet builds too btw, I remember long time ago I leveled a Necro that only skellies + the flame devotion was enough to do almost all content, maybe it’s similar with budget conjurer?.

If end game content is what you wish to tackle, abandon all notions of spin2win templars.

EDIT: Pet builds work too. Maybe @maya can chime in. She(…?) is awesome.


Oooof :((((

Maybe this will be useful to you…but here’s how I view GT’s:

  1. Beginner friendly: These revolve around faction gear, and target farmmable sets, with a sprinkling of epic/legendaries. Nothing crippling if you don’t have them.

  2. Realistic late game: These are all purple sets, with maybe one M.I with non-essential rare affix/affixes. When I say non-essential, I mean any affix which maybe gives the build an edge, but can still be swapped for something else. If, however, a build is relying on a godly green to fix 90% of its resistances, then that would be an essential green item.

  3. GDstasher’s wet dream: You’ll see these a lot from some crafters - typically those who have just gotten into GDstashing, or those who are trying to push a concept as far as it can go. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I would call these threads “showcases,” and not “guides,” because no one will be able to build them without GDstash.

Most builds fall within category 2 because it takes a butt tonne of work to do a beginner’s guide.

Crafters have to level the damn thing, talk about skill point distribution, item alternatives, etc. etc.

But I digress. If you stumble across a build which makes you say, “hey! that’s cool! I want to try that!”

Don’t level a new character immediately. Take a step back and ask yourself how realistic the build is.

Conjurer pet builds are probably the most consistent for all stages of the game, from level 1 to 100.

My most recent success with SR 75-76 is with a conjurer pet build. I don’t want to say too much more because I am afraid of the nerf.

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