What's a build that can do dungeons and SR <40 reasonably?

If end game content is what you wish to tackle, abandon all notions of spin2win templars.

EDIT: Pet builds work too. Maybe @maya can chime in. She(…?) is awesome.


Oooof :((((

Maybe this will be useful to you…but here’s how I view GT’s:

  1. Beginner friendly: These revolve around faction gear, and target farmmable sets, with a sprinkling of epic/legendaries. Nothing crippling if you don’t have them.

  2. Realistic late game: These are all purple sets, with maybe one M.I with non-essential rare affix/affixes. When I say non-essential, I mean any affix which maybe gives the build an edge, but can still be swapped for something else. If, however, a build is relying on a godly green to fix 90% of its resistances, then that would be an essential green item.

  3. GDstasher’s wet dream: You’ll see these a lot from some crafters - typically those who have just gotten into GDstashing, or those who are trying to push a concept as far as it can go. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I would call these threads “showcases,” and not “guides,” because no one will be able to build them without GDstash.

Most builds fall within category 2 because it takes a butt tonne of work to do a beginner’s guide.

Crafters have to level the damn thing, talk about skill point distribution, item alternatives, etc. etc.

But I digress. If you stumble across a build which makes you say, “hey! that’s cool! I want to try that!”

Don’t level a new character immediately. Take a step back and ask yourself how realistic the build is.

Conjurer pet builds are probably the most consistent for all stages of the game, from level 1 to 100.

My most recent success with SR 75-76 is with a conjurer pet build. I don’t want to say too much more because I am afraid of the nerf.

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You’ll be fine I’m sure. Zantai doesn’t have designs on gimping pet builds purposefully. The only way that’s going to happen is if something about the build is truly ‘broken’ and unintended.

…like untargetable birbs?

Beats me… I don’t ‘know’ the particulars of pet builds honestly as I rarely play them unless I do so to make a point to someone about the feasibility of something.

I see, well, my conjurer is level 35 or so, I will continue with that one :).

Also, why dont you have a picture and just a “S”?.

Because I’m too lazy to get a picture. I’m guessing the S is because it’s the first letter in my username.

that Zantai’s comment, lmao

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Here ya go…


Upgrade your S.

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I do upgrade my S. It’s called the squat rack.

P.S - that picture made me snort milk out of my nose. :rofl:

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Mate, I’d change the picture, but I’m just too damn lazy. Powbam wins by default. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol… looks good. The spanking one would be pretty damned funny tho.

What do you mean by that?, my poor birds die all the time :frowning:

He must’ve fixed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pet builds are still strong. They just aren’t immortal anymore. ^^

Nothing to show for dmg but this is a rough example of only-faction (and 2 magic items) build of Templar that will clear the content you have requested.


Of course, you have several items to improve it, like faction gloves and boots are very bad and the weapon choice is awkward.

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Good looking out. Should point out that on some of the items you need to “scroll” down while hovering over the item to view components/faction augments hidden by GD’s infamous walls of text.

Thanks for that!, I will take a look.

Not a fan of right clicking builds, but if I can farm dungeons with that I will give it a try.