What's the farthest you personally got in crucible...

What’s the farthest you personally got in crucible after starting a new character beating the first 10 waves, getting your reward and gearing up then start from wave 1 and go until you die or run into an enemy you can’t kill.

didn’t do the “get rewards after wave 10”, but with a naked character, without getting your reward at wave 10, I got up to 37 with different classes. shaman(devouring swarm) and nightblade(phantasmal blades) are easiest.
wave 37, the red and green monsters are too strong. the bane’galgator things, I forgot their name. but above that, near wave 50 the monster power level is just the same or lower than wave 37.

if those are removed, starting naked, I can get up to 40 and possibly more.

haven’t tried in latest patches, but it should be easier now.

the tricks was something along the lines of:
for the wave 10 boss, you can hit 3 times maximum and you have to back. with good timing. you can -always- do 2 hit and back, though.

up to wave 10, its just plain hitting. you will have 2 hp and 2 mp potions in the end, using 2 hp potions from 0 to 10.

after wave 10, we have our first ranged skill, so we don’t need hp potions anymore.

the rest is just running, and bosses are similar. run, regen mp, spam the skill. shaman was the strongest, nightblade was a close up.

something like soldier doesn’t work, since I had 0 iron and I can’t buy hp potions. the melee range was not possible since I was naked.

Nightblade was also good with phantasmal blades, but the mana cost on that was too high and the lower levels sucked.

I think since crucible stuff got nerfed a lot, it is possible to get even further.

definitely following this thread ^^ this was my personal experience.

Can’t remember off the top of my head, I think somewhere around wave 30 or 40? Haven’t really played crucible with fresh char that many times.

after the first 10 waves I was level 8. Probably want to be atleast level 7 so u can equip an offhand for the energy regen.
I was using BWC High Potency and Fireblast, I just got to wave 63. I couldn’t kill Sharanatu-Shielded.

It’s actually a great use of Potions as I burnt through 67 of them. So little more then 1 per wave.

I didn’t know you could do this, when I first got Crucible I took my highest level character in, did ok but never even considered taking a naked level 0 with a stick and a plank in. Will have to try, it might be more fun than I think