What's the latest on Crate's town builder game?

I remember quite some time ago, when Crate released a teaser image of what appeared to be a medieval town builder game. But, I never ran across anything about it since. Anyone know what’s up?

The game is probably set in an all-new world, but I thought how cool it would be if it was set in the Grim Dawn universe—trying to build your own Devil’s Crossing type town. Dealing with cultists, even striking forbidden pacts with Chthonics etc, etc.

Any more recent news or have they gone totally dark?

Medierra’s been pretty tight-lipped about it since the screenshot last Christmas. However he did say a bit about it in the 5th October stream:

kobrao :hows new project going @Medierra
Medierra :I think we’re getting close to being able to show more / announce the new game but we don’t have a website / marketing art or anything else set up… so much peripheral stuff you have to do beyond just making the game

"drazac :so is the new game a city builder, or is it a strategy with city building elements
Crank9000 :Has there been any info what genre the new game is? There was talk about some kind of RTS around year ago or so
Medierra :its a town-builder with an optional combat element

genericvillain :Is it confirmed that their new project has anything to do with grim dawn?
Medierra :new project is not related to Grim Dawn

CepheidSauron :Any new projects you guys are working this year, except for the expansion?
Medierra :“new” project, which is about 2 years old now, is a town-builder done in Unity though… then we’ll be starting something else soon"


Well alright, so still no real details yet other than it isn’t related to Grim Dawn at all.

Thanks for the info roundup!

Not atm, but cross fingers he’ll be telling us more about it soon. :slight_smile:

but will it compete with Cities skylines-Anno-Tropico?

Considering that we have the slimmest of info on the game to date noone can say except Crate. I’m kinda thinking more Banished-like tho rather than builders focused around contemporary civilization but who knows.

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I hope it’s not a generic city builder… Have they mentioned the price tag?

All we know so far is what’s given above. We’re at big M’s mercy for the rest of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve only shown one screenshot and have only mentioned that it’s a city builder w/ optional combat (and built in Unity) and all of this on the ‘sly’. How are they going to mention a pricetag for a game we don’t even have a name for? They don’t even give a pricetag on GD expacs until they are almost ready to release :wink:

with Blizzard’s fail, maybe evil medieera found opportunity and has sacked the game in favor of GD2:p

snap, seriously we need some tinny update of the game now! It’s almost end of the year:p

Well, still a few things to do yet.

Well, at least it sounds like they are close tho. Going off that it seems possible we may hear more of it in the coming months if they get working on a site for it.

I’m wondering how they are going to handle the forums. Most companies with multiple games have a single forum and just subsection the individual games, which is what I would prefer personally. If that ends up being the case they may have to change the address for this forum since it is tied to grimdawn.com. Might be better to tie the forum address to crateentertainment.com.

So long as whatever they go for isn’t that awful WordPress crap I’ll be happy. Why anyone thinks that’s good for forum usage I don’t know.

Also begs the question do they try for a more modern and secure version of vBulletin or similar given the chaos that we suffered when they tried for the site here or stick with v3?


Poor Medierra, decisions, decisions - when all he wants to do is make great games for us to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds more like Settlers with the combat part. And Northgard’s success has shown you don’t need crazy budget to compete in that space.

Well if Crate want to use/try a new version of Vbulletin I’ve got a current license I’m not using for vBulletin 5 so they are more than welcome to try it and see what they think.

New screenshot! :slight_smile: From their FB page.


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looks like related somehow to GD or Cairn! ? I hope so

Medierra already said no, not related to GD.

you are right Gd does not have wolves but the naming scheme is so gd like:p

i hope it does not play like a mobile game:eek:

For a moment I was worried that medierra broke his [post=33155]wolf rule[/post], but then I realized it was not the wolves who were killed. relieved :smiley: