Whats wrong with my BLADEMASTER

hello everyone,
ı am new to Grim Dawn and been playing about 100 hours so ı have a lot to learn.
ı have lvl 66 Blademaster but it doesnt do enough dmg imo.ı mean its very tanky and durable but it take ages to clear.for instance it took me 35 - 40 min to clear steps of torment in elite.ı am still not sure about my Constellations path.
what to do next?

you can see the screenshots ı had taken

excuse my english still learning.







Hello!! If looking for advice it’s probably better to use grimtools to share your character. It’s very simple and easy to use, and you can even import your character from the savefile. It will make easier for everyone to take a glimpse at your build and give you helpful advice.

Good luck!!

ı tried grimtools but it didnt detect my save file.

Y not dual wielding ?No shadow strike either?

ı used to play with dual wild till elite,after that ı switched to mace + shiled build.

actually ı didnt like nightblade mastery and ı would change it if ı could.due to 50 points in each mastery ı have less mastery poins to assign thats why ı dont use shadow strike even tho ı have + skill points ı thnik its not worth.

It’s definately possible to make a S&B Pierce BM work, but you’ve gone the Physical road. Dunno about that.

Most efficient way of playing BMs are still dw melee builds. Cold or Pierce.

At this time make a new character , you focus too much on defence in my mind.

If you want to go on pick oleron , bring back the point you invested in nightblade.

yeah ı am going to make new characters in the future but right now ı am using this as a item farmer.my next character will be using fire dmg because ı have lots of fire thingy items.

ı could change it but will it be more effective than this one ı am currently using ?

It will. If you want to stay S&B, you should rather try the Pierce Dmg variant.

Here is a guide from Chthon.

For max damage potential you’d still have to dw though.

No pierce S&B BM is not any effective than physical S&B BM, as a mater of fact when going S&B route phys dmg one is more efficient.

Your setup is underperforming because you are to defensive, you lack dmg and resistance reduction.
Try this setup: http://grimcalc.com/build/1009-1Dilvd
I tried to calculate your points and to make it according to that if I missed some fill the gapes.
Also your weapon sucks try to get one like this from hidden merchant: http://www.grimtools.com/db/items/1867
Aim for one that has atac speed on it and if possible ADCTH (of voracity suffix).

Listen to this man. :slight_smile: Never played S&B BM and just assumed Pierce S&B is better out of my experience.

For DW it is, much better, for S&B its missing dedicated set, if there was a warborn set that supports pierce dmg/nights chill instead of phys dmg/ break morale story would be completely different. Also its much easier to get some decent phys dmg gear than pierce one specially weapon, I know that from pretty much frustrating personal experience :smiley:

Yes, you’re right. Warborn fits perfectly to S&B BM. But without Night’s Chill to boost your Pierce Damage, I simply don’t find any reason to choose Nightblade as second mastery for a phys S&B build. Pneumatic Burst, okay. But otherwise there is not much more, or am I wrong?

your build looks squishy for me but going to tr it anyway.its the best weapon i have for now but will look for the one you had posted.

i could go dw but i dont like glass cannon builds.even ı swich to dw i still need to tank up some dmg or ‘’ the best defence is a good offence ‘’ i am still not sure about that.

Well basically you cant miss much if you take soldier + anything and go S&B phys, batlemage and warder are on the bottom of the list other 3 options are similar and every has its up and downsides, with WB having dmg wise upper hand due to CoF.

When going BM thing that you get is more mobility cuz you have blitz and SS on your disposal, ˝o shit˝ circuit breaker in form of BB, enemy OA/ATC speed shred aura (nightfall), fumble from CoS, some free % to dmg and OA with AoM +% to cunning and ofc PB line.

You can always tune it more to your liking, but imho with some aditional 5-6% ADCTH you will be more than ok.
Thing that is most important for you right now is to up your dmg and try to find balance between offense and defense and ofc you absolutely must have some resistance reduction in form of assassins mark and break morale.
Also you were trying not to be squishy but didnt took overguard, defensive wise best skill you can get from wearing shield, take it and use it in times of crisis to bolster your tankines.

Edit: weapon I linked can be bought from hidden merchant, run to his shop and by one, if he doesn’t have good one to offer you relog and try again until you get some good one, easy farming :wink:

Makes sense. I’d still rather go Commando (WB top is out of q) for more OA and BS, but I get you. Thanks! :slight_smile: S&B is just not my style, I guess.

i think it would be better if i switch to dw pierce blademaster,this way i can get more use of nightblade skill tree.i havent found that weapon from blood grove merchant but i am close to finish my relic ( which spawns nemesis shadow )

reached 69 lvl today and i killed my first nemesis ( undead ) it took long enough tho,damn freeze!

for dual wield is it better to go pierce or cold dmg ?

off topic but can i ask a question?
i wanna make a pierce dw class but wonder between sabotuer and blademaster
can someone give me suggestions? :cry: