Whats your poison?

When i follow the discussions in different threads in the forum I often find links to great music…
So my question is:
What do you listen to when playing?
What tunes describes your builds?

And is there one tune above all that can describe GRIM DAWN?

(Only Vinyl References OFC!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Different, really - usually random playlist of metal, rock, some things that I have problems to categorize (e.g. Eurielle), some Red Army Choir… This kind of thing. This is the playlist that I use as a backdrop for my whole day, so yeah, for playing too.
Sometimes, depending on mood, one track from the above repeated ad-nauseam (which surprisingly never happens).

As for the builds I roll, that’s different from build to build. I have some 40 characters all dressed up and defined, every single one unique.
One of my Paladins (Inquisitor/Oathkeeper) I have called Eurielle (Burning Cold is the track I had in mind), because she is using full fire to cold conversion.
Now I’m rolling a Blademaster, and even though she’s called “Khara the Favourite of Djaf”, Wolfheart’s “the Saw” and “Valkyrie” are the tracks I feel her the most with.
Before that though, for some time (read - until the conduit of destructive whispers mortar nerf) I was rolling a 6 chaos mortar pyromancer, to which the Before The Dawn’s Fallen World and Wolfheart’s “Forge with Fire” were the best fit.
My other toon, a dual gun full piercing infiltrator I had most pleasure of levelling up to Orden Ogan’s Gunmen album, most notably well, to Gunman, One Last Chance and Finis Coronat Opus tracks.
For my attempt at dualwield (scythe) EoR Dervish, as was the case in Guild Wars 1, I’d pick Volbeat’s “Everlasting”, first because of insane sustain from health leech and ADctH somewhere at 30%, and secondly because of his tally of 379 deaths I have accumulated before the sustain did kick in. :slight_smile:

And finally, is there one tune that can describe GD? Not sure - to me that would need to be something heavy and atmospheric (maybe some melodeath or doom metal). From the tracks I know, I’d pick Black Sun Aeon’s “Sorrowsong”

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Im a big devoted fun of all Russian music… (Chesnokov… ahh) and I directly thought of this:

For me a song that can summarize Grim Dawn would might be (Playing my Belgothian Blademaster…):

But ill guess there is a 100 more depending on my mood…
Thanks for sharing!!!

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Also a great metal and rock fan :zap:
Check out the Fashion Dawn link, there are many build references in there relating to music.

Shostakovich, :musical_keyboard: They don’t have emoji for orchestra. :sweat_smile:

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Ahh, Waltz nr 2…,
I love Russian waltzes, Svirdow Snowstorm…
And I love all Russian choral music, they are on another level!

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