When do you think the dlc will come out ?

Ever since I have seen those two new classes
The inquisitor : which will probably offer better integration to chaos damage
The necromancer : dammmmnnnnnnn I just got really hyper hyped to pair this with occultist
and new constellations anddd higher level cap.

When will it comes out ?
I just couldn’t help but to chech the forum twice a day in a desperate hope to see the day new dlc comes into play :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

thanks for letting me rant
and sorry for my bad gramma

btw there wouldn’t be a new tier of difficulty, right ?
the current Ultimate one is probably hard enough for most player

I don’t know about a new difficulty beyond ultimate. But I assume there will be an ACT V beyond the necropolis. So if there is no difficulty beyond Ultimate then the highest difficulty will be Ultimate ACT V.

One thing I’d like to see is if the bump from Normal ACT V to Elite ACT V will be a problem. I mean will the difficulty actually go down or will there be an attempt to balance? In TQ before immortal throne expansion going from Epic to Legendary ACT 1 was actually a bit hard and then after adding Immortal Throne expansion the addition of another act made going from Epic to Legendary pretty easy.

Hope Crates could make it right :smiley:

Huh? The reveal made it seem elementally focused, not at all Chaos. Especially as the Inquisitors hate Chaos, both in Chthonians, and in Occultists. It was kinda their whole shtick. I mean, they might have some…But generally I doubt they’ll come anywhere near Occultist for Chaos support. Possession, Solael’s, Doom Bolt, Sigil has hefty Chaos on it… That’s attack and cast right there, with good aura support besides. What else could you really want for Chaos that we don’t already have?

Don’t hold your breath for the expansion in the next few days, even the closed testers haven’t seen anything that’s not been shown publicly yet :wink:

Difference from TQ and GD is that GD has an active dev team. TQ was basically dead when IT was released.