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Excuse me but I don’t really buy this argument. The mere fact that you have been in this test group for a long time gives you vastly more experience with the game than some random player. I have been in similar test situations before and just reading the hidden from the general public discussions gave me a massive advantage after release. Recognising my own, let’s call it privilege, was not something that came easy until someone pointed it out to me.

Anyway, my two cents.

I mean, you’re outright wrong, but whatever. Playtime or forum-time does not translate to game knowledge.

I realise I forgot to write “in my experience” specifically, my mistake. Should have been more clear. Not trying to tell others how they feel, let’s make that clear.

But how does play time not increase one’s understanding of the game? Do we not learn from our experiences? I’m honestly confused by this statement.

Very simple in my case (but then I’m simple anyway :p) The deeper mechanics of the game don’t interest me in this case, even after all these years I couldn’t tell you the basic order of defence if you held a flame to my balls.

I enjoy playing a hack n’ slash and building my char through self found drops and when it comes to running the same areas again for no extra benefit (elite) I’d rather start a new char.

I don’t want to play knowing the deeper mechanics in this style of game as it then takes it (for me) from a fun game into spending more time working out exactly what gives the best of each drop and a calculator to work out the formulas for each drop rather than running round trying to slaughter everything.

Only if you can understand it…when a couple of the testers start discussing in depth mechanics with the devs it gets most confusing.

Edit… Summary I play to enjoy and switch my head off…Not to get involved in the mass of calculations available…even though I know that my char is never going to be a powerful as it could be playing like this.

Crate, release the patch today. And two weeks later And then another one. We know that this process is endless :smiley:

Maybe add some warning, like “(Misguidedly Attack)”, instead of “(Attack)”, like certain super bosses?

Along with an option to fetch a sandwich for him (mini-quest).

Not arguing or anything but I couldn’t stop thinking about Grava streams while reading this. :stuck_out_tongue:

(sorry, Grava. :D)

Lol - I think you will find that is just called releasing the game or updated.

Yep this ‘when it is ready’ is a bullshit comment when someone also has to decide what ‘it’ is.

Same old same old. Game gets released with insufficient testing and bugs get fixed after everyone has played all the content, been annoyed by the bugs, and got bored with it.

One day I will learn the lesson and not buy anything less than 6 months old - probably save some money as well.

If I understand your post, you want them to release the patch now, even though it is in testing; and then you complain that the testing is insufficient.

There is no the patch. They could release a patch just to fix achievements or just to fix the Malmouth multi bridge bug. How many weeks does that need to take?

Crate have chosen to take a long time to fix a lot of bugs which means they have chosen to make all players put up with a lot bugs for a long time.

There is a big difference between releasing something insufficiently tested and making people experience the resulting bugs and releasing something poorly tested to fix such bugs, what is the probability that a poorly tested patch will make the existing bad situation worse rather than better?

And yes I understand there is a compromise and I don’t want a patch every day, but, no ETA after 3 weeks and counting gets more annoying by the day.

There is an ETA as stated in the latest Grim Misdaventure: Grim Misadventure #129: Ashen Forecast

As for specific bugs you state, I don’t know the internals of the game or their entire process for bug fixing and patching, but it’s not always as simple as just updating a file. Then there’s the process of putting patches on Steam and GoG. There’s a lot that goes into a patch. And the Achievement bug - doesn’t prevent you from playing the game. So way low priority.

It sounds like you need to take a break and go play some other game. :slight_smile:

I count 15 separate bug report threads about achievements, it would seem a lot of people consider achievements to be part of playing the game and I cited them as particularly dumb easily fixed bugs which will probably generate another 2-3 bug report threads before the next patch.

I don’t know how bug fixing works either, but releasing fixes in dribs and drabs as you suggest sounds very inefficient.

with new items blademaster get more then 100k damage :smiley: ? nerf blademasters in new patc ?

Ummh, many builds can do more than 100k damage to be fair…i don’t see BM being op after seal of blades nerf.

They better make the ability to bind devotion procs to damaging auras a thing or I ain’t updating.

Then you better not update because it’s not happening.

A few days ago Crate announced was in beta testing and would be out within the next 2 weeks. Wish all the new people would realize that Crate is made up of only THIRTEEN PEOPLE!!! It takes them time to bugfix the game. Considering the size of their company, I’m willing to give them much more leeway then I would a game that was developed by several hundred people.