When leveling, how should I build?

I know it’s probably dependent on the skills I choose, but is there any generally how to do this? Should I pump one skill all the way to where I plan to keep it before getting more skills? spread it out? I leveled my first character in the expansion with a Purifier, but I didnt have much fun because I only invested in a couple of active skills while I filled out the mastery. Thinking of trying to refocus the build to the runes/mines instead of passives. (advice on that would be appreciated too!)

Depends on a mastery you choose. Generally speaking it’s good to level with 1 good area attack skill/spell and focus on 1-2 damage type. Sadly i can’t give you much info about inquisitor starting skills, haven’t really tried them yet.

that depends on what you want to achieve :slight_smile: for trying out a new mastery, there’s nothing wrong with simply putting some points into skills to see if you like them/they fit your build/playstyle.

if you just want to level up and get through the content quickly, you cut the flavor stuff and simply powerlevel your main attack to a point where it oneshots stuff and fill in the utility / defense skills later. probably won’t need them on normal/veteran anyway.

stuff that adds runspeed (or total speed) is still useful to get early (imo) - you’ll spend a lot of time running no matter how you play.

If you are completely at a loss for how to proceed try alternating raising your mastery and investing in skills every level up. At least that way your stats won’t fall too far behind. Other than that, the game and all it’s little decisions just take some practice figuring out.

Keep playing.

Whatever you do, make sure you go ALL Physique or you won’t have enough life to survive past normal. shrug

The most efficient way is to determine the “leveling” skill for every mastery and just focus on it (put points as long as you can handle the mana cost).

Or you use component skills which are very strong until like level 40 (especially fireballs and poison stuff). Maybe combine them with a good cooldown skill for more interesting gameplay.

Then when you have high leveled masteries and some items you switch to the skills you want to use (your build idea). Generally put 2 points into the mastery if you want to level fast.

I just returned to the game, so my advice will definitely not be the best or most valuable one. Having said that, when leveling my Inquisitor, I knew I wanted to go DW WPS skills combined with Rune of Hagarrad. I just kept pumping my Mastery all the way to 50 (since I knew I wanted to get a skill there, namely Aura of Conviction), putting 1 point in all of the skills and addons (what’s the right name for that btw, I mean skill addons like Biting Cold and Chillsurge for Rune of Hagarrad?) I wanted to take. Exceptions were Chilling Rounds and Storm Spread, which both got to level 6 asap. Only after reaching 50 on my Mastery, I started putting more points into the other skills.

Killing speed definitely was good but not great early on, so it’s probably better to focus more on one main skill early and leave some of the utility / defensive skills for later. Having said that, this way it immediately felt like the build I had planned, and I had fun doing so.

A lot probably depends on the build though.