When one sets a production limit

noob question haha
when one sets a production limit.
For example, limit of 1000 planks, and after a while it drops to 900, the workers do more planks again or should it be adjusted again?

In the UI you can set a ‘minimum quota’ and ‘maximum quota’.

Your workers will stop producing when the amount of items in storage reach the maximum quota, and they will start working again when the inventory goes down to the minimum quota.

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As HomeDruid said you can set a minimum amount as well as a maximum. If you don’t set a minimum then iirc it would automatically be half of whatever maximum amount you set so in your example they would start working again when the total drops below 500 planks.


Send these planks to trading centre, stopping your production is the last thing you want!
In case you are heavily overproducing something you can’t sell, just reduce the number of workers and send them to do something profitable! Having excess of “helpers” is a waste of human resources. If you need a limiter like this - it means you are doing it wrong :slight_smile:

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