Where can I find Valdaran, the Storm Scourge?

Like the title says… would anyone know where I could find him?

Nemesis spawn locations.

The higher chance to spawn is in the conflagration.

1.TP to the warden’s lab WP and walk back into the warden’s cellar. There are 2 possible spawn locations, very close to the warden’s lab WP. The chance to spawn there is the lowest.
2.TP back to warden’s lab WP and run to the warden, there are 2 spawn locations, one in the middle, the other in front of the warden. The chance to spawn there is moderate.
3.TP to homestead, run the conflagration. The chance to spawn there is the highest.
4.Don’t waste time to hunt him around the rotting croplands, a lot of walking and too time consuming.

The most optimal farming is either check the lab/cellar and restart, or straight run the conflagration and restart if not there. Avoid checking all the spawn locations, efficient farming speed will drop.