Where does FG content start?

Just wondering at what point in the storyline the Forgotten Gods content becomes available. Is it necessary to complete everything through the Ashes of Malmouth to get to the new chapter, or can you choose to branch off to it earlier?

And what about the Shattered Realm? Is that available from the new game screen like the Crucible, or is it accessed from somewhere in the game world, and if so, where?

Thanks! Did look around for this info but surprisingly did not turn it up, however, I’m sure somebody knows :slight_smile:

After you kill the Warden in act 1 you can go to FG content.

It becomes available after you have killed Krieg in act 1

Shattered realm is available in main game

Hasn’t this been asked about 3 times in the last month? I do remember reading about it quite often now.

Shattered Realm is in the main game in the FG content.

Heh. Way more than that on Steam. Way more.

I guess my google-fu failed me, and I didn’t think to look on Steam :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the answers! Good news, since I prefer to start a new char with large updates, but I’m not a particularly fast player and it would otherwise take a few weeks to get to the new stuff :slight_smile:

It starts on March 27th

After you kill warden