Where to go from here

Hi guys :slight_smile:

To keep it as short as possible i made a demolitionist and got to 32, nearing the end of normal difficulty. He is a rifle user (i fell in love with rifles right away, dual pistols are not an option :)). Don’t know how to link grimcalc so i will write what skills/stats/devotions i got…

Fire strike max > Explosive 5pts > Static max > Brimstone max
2 pts in Flame Touched
That’s it so far.

Physique: 13
Cunning: 13
Spirit: 6
Went for 2:2:1 but i read somewhere that i only need enough cunn and spirit to equip my gear, rest in physique? Basically, i can get oa and %ele dmg from gear, stats bonus is small and not important. Is that true? If not, how should i place my points? I want a nice balance of phys + fire dmg.

Devotions - Hawk > Spider > Magi so far… i want to take viper and idk what else, probably kraken or hydra? I know i want %oa and i think i got %fire dmg covered with magi. I need good devotions to survive. Behemoth + Turtle or Scales of Ulcama or…?

And most importantly, what is my second mastery? I’m kinda torn between soldier (markovian/ - requirements for armor/ ton of hp and field command)


Arcanist - more magical dmg and Flash freeze + Maivens + %OA…

If those two are not the best pls tell me which one is most effective and if my build concept is wrong tell me how to proceed. I don’t wanna throw away these hours i put into him :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

You can copy your character’s save directory if you really want to experiment without redoing. Click the “Save” button in Grim Calc to get a link to your build.

This depends on how you want to structure this build ultimately. If you want to be more offensive with CC capabilities go arcanist. If you are looking to be more defensive and want more tankiness then go soldier. I personally went arcanist with this same kind of build and have no regrets, you will melt things if you go that route. I have no experience with commando, but I doubt the damage potential is quite as high.

As for attribute points, I have not decided with my sorc what direction I want to go, but I have not found it to be a problem (I’m lvl 85 act 3 ult). I have 49 points I haven’t used because I’m not sure if I really need the health or not, I would suggest going a good amount of physique though, considering what you have done so far.

So i guess i need 450ish cunning for end game rifles? I plan on 15 cunning + devotions, will do probably… Rest in physique/spirit but i will save points then, like you did :slight_smile:

What skills did u take from demo tree? I know i need flashbang and 1 pt in Vindictive flame (to link to some defensive devotion). Anything else, Ulzuins Chosen maybe?

What devotions did you take? And should i aim for %fire dmg gear or %phys mostly?

Grimcalc: http://grimcalc.com/build/zvawVK

That’s my build currently, I put 32 points into physique last night to wear some pants I found and have 9k health now. I believe I got the skill points correct, I’m not at the game so I’m not 100% sure what my + to demo skills is off hand. The only one that is probably wrong is flashbang, I take points out of it when I get +skills since the effectiveness is halved above 12 points.

Specifically, I think flashbang and olexra’s are absolutely essential skills for my build, the -fire resist and CC from flash freeze is absurdly good, and flashbang lowers DA which is basically a net OA increase on every enemy you use it on. I’ve been toying around with thermite mines, since they lower fire & lightning resists even further. You can probably modify the defensive skills to your playstyle, I tried maiven’s for a bit, but I think blast shield is better.

As for devotions, what I put in grimcalc is my current setup, but it is not set in stone. I am not sold on the skills for magi and ulzuin’s torch at all, and may take the last point from torch and the 7 points from magi and put them in something more tanky if I need it. I will say I do not really remember how I got to those constellations entirely, there was a lot of refunding I did as I went in temporary devotions for constellation bonuses. The only constellation I think is absolutely must have from my setup is kraken, any two hand build should have that as it is one of the most efficient offensive constellations out there after the buffs last hotfix.

Overall, I have liked the build a lot so far and it does quite a bit of damage. I am mostly focused on fire, but I think you can probably focus lightning or physical a bit more to fit your needs based on what gear drops for you. I still feel like I have a lot of flexibility to change things even at 85 now, so I also like that.