Where to post to find peple to play with?

So I was wondering if there is a good place to look for people that might want to start a new playthrough with the new patch coming out.

Borderlands has Discord and it is set up well for it.

Does Grim Dawn have a discord channel for this? I don’t see anywhere in the forums that would be a good spot to post.


to the right you see discord link

Or just

ah its sticky? I might have unpinned it :slight_smile:

Or else I pinned it for my own personal use so I could find it easily.

Yeah I found it…trying to figure out how to verify myself through the bot lol…not having much luck.

Thanx for the responses here.

Still wish there was a forum category here dedicated to trading and finding players though…makes it much easier IMHO.

FG SC legit trade thread #1 and more

I recall there was a “matchmaking” thread for MP, I can not find it now.

Can’t be done atm. Until Max redoes the Outcast bot it can’t do verification with the new forum.

Ok that explains it then.

Again, having a subforum dedicated to players to trading and finding others to play with seems like such a simple thing to add and would make life so much easier.

Well, the game is mainly single player and I’ve never seen enough people asking for multiplay here for there to be a thread/section for it. You’ll find one over on the GD discord though: #searching-players.

As for trading there are a couple of active threads which are stickied in the Gameplay section of the forum.

And also a trading channel on the discord as well.