Where to proc Eldritch fire?

Hi all,

As of now I proc it using CoF because of the duration, % to hit and the uber nerf to movement speed (it stacks right?), but I do have issues when it comes to the fast movers that aren’t slapped and the aggro CoF pulls. I’m looking at Ultimate soon and would like to know if this is still a viable tactic at that level?

I’ve tried proccing with pets but they lack the huge AoE that CoF gets.

Thanks in advance.

You should post your combo classes, as well as your char grimtools. Because you only mention Occultist, CoF is the best, after is DEE.

Ok, no problem: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9rD5QZ

It keeps setting difficulty to Ultimate but I’m still in Elite AoM, and some of the resists are a few points off. I’ve no idea why as I loaded in a save file to the tool.

Ah ha! You need to turn the buff on to get the right stats… learn, learn learn… I’m too old for this!

Eldritch Fire isn’t used for movement speed debuff, it’s for resistances. The enemies who can kill you by charging are also very resistant or outright immune to slow. And if you get killed by white chargers, you are in for a sad realization.
So CoF is the best bet.

Also it’s better to bind Shepherd’s Call to Doom Bolt instead.

I use Eldritch Fire/CoF for all of its aspects. I think, by which I mean that it appears as such in game, that the debuffs stack with CoF, so that’s -48% + -36% to movement speed, -23% physical res, -46% bleeding res, -28% poison+acid res, -28% vitality res, -28% elemental res + -23% Fire res, and last but by no means least -23% chaos res which puts out 14k on a target dummy, and when it trips on a mob that’s per target. I’ve seen a wall of fire sweep through many a pinned down mob without having to doing any other work.

Assuming that it is functioning in that manner then I’d say that it’s a pretty good combo to use, wouldn’t you? I bound Bysmiel’s call to Doom Bolt because it’s a guaranteed pet at 100% chance to proc (only showing as 20% in the tool) to bring into the fight. I found that the durations on Bloody Pox were similar to Shepherd’s call and BP can be spammed easily enough. On target dummies it’ll proc twice on average (really depends on the scenario here) per duration where putting it on CoF gave three procs on averge to target dummies (again, dependent on scenario) per duration.

I’m not regularly being killed by fast movers, but they can turn an easy engagement into something with a moment of alarm and the need for re-positioning. It’s not such a big deal in base game content but the environment in AoM is more restrictive and the ability to re-position more difficult. I have the Will of Bysmiel amulet but trading away so many skill points is too much for me right now unless I re-spec and focus more heavily on pets than I have – It’s an active build right now, but three more pets might mean less involvement for Jackdaw. Heck, setting down the Obsidian Juggernaut was a big ask in and of itself! I really need better gear …