Where to put dbr files?

Hello, i created my own music file, edited the dbr and wanted to load it in the editor, but he doesnt find it. I put it in database/records/sounds/soundpak_musicambient. I tried to compile it, but dbr is not to compile. My soundfile is in assets. Then i tried putting both of the files into the extracted files in my game directory, no luck either. I dont get it, can someone help?

Are you trying to put the music in your own map?


got this for me copied a music .dbr file. To be exact the name of the file copied: musicpaka00.dbr located in sounds/soundpak_musicambient .

Then copy it to your own sound folder, rename it, edit it. When it’s done build your mod (editor should be close) and then go to the editor, layers button, sound layers and now you should be able to find your music file. Will sound release a tutorial video about it if you want.