Where's the gap?

I’m trying to figure out how the deer are getting in. Did I leave a gate open?

Spawning inside maybe?

If there’s a gap is easy to figure it out, just bring some laborer inside and watch to where they run, if they can’t leave, definitively they’re spawning inside.

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Can’t see that corner in the top left of that field, behind the shrub that is pointing at the spawn point in the top left. Rotate the camera and come in from that corner- if there is a corner fence section there, they are spawning inside. If there is not- you found your entry point.

Obviously they are getting in because you left all your gates open

Click the wall icon in the bottom right and select the entire fence area of the field. It will always show you broken fences that need repair.

If the repair button doesn’t highlight then you have no walls needing repair and you likely have built your field on top of a spawn point.

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