Where's the press coverage?

This. There’ll be plenty of streamers well known and not so well known streaming the game once FG drops.

This along with ladders/seasons is it. People love competition. The most popular games being steamed are competitive. GD has zero competitive aspects.

And many of us actually like that believe it or not. I have zero interest in multiplayer, ladders, seasons, etc. I don’t play games to compete, I play them to enjoy them at my own pace, in my own way.

Quoted for the truth!

It would depend on how it was done for me. Competition just regarding PvE is silly, since time is the main factor. I like the D3/PoE season stuff only for the events, flat resets for the sake of it seem pointless.

I understand that and often times I’m in the same camp, but I also understand that is not very conducive to increasing the popularity of a game. I can’t even imagine how poorly this game would have done without it’s relationship to Titan Quest.

same, I am not interested in MP at all, competitive or otherwise

I doubt it makes any difference, the Kickstarter had 12,500 backers, the game sold about 1.5M copies. It might have been important for getting the funding, but not much beyond that. I doubt most buyers even know of it.

Agreed. Joining the quote train in a show of solidarity.

I have an awesome tabletop game library when I want to socialize while gaming. If I’m on my computer, that’s my time. I even disable SteamChat and such when I’m playing, as I tend to prefer immersion and escapism when I get into a game. Seems weird by today’s standards to use video games to “disconnect”, but that’s me. Glad to see dedicated single-player games still get as much love as GD and crew. Good times.

I’m not against the game having better multiplayer, but I don’t want it to be multiplayer and/or online only. If it’s possible give us both single player and multiplayer with all those features multiplayers enjoy.

I’d bet the difference you guys made just during production of the GD is pretty significant to the overall quality of the game and thus the final sales. Don’t discount yourselves!

Well those 12+ thousand backers were likely mostly TQ fans and they raised over 500 thousand dollars. I believe I read a post by medierra that said that most that money was gone (probably by hiring all the extra devs) by the time the game went on to Steam Early Access just over a year later. Steam EA is what funded the rest of the games development. The KS tho gave them at least enough security to get to Steam EA and enough devs to get the ball rolling.

Btw, GD was featured in one of the Riot’s videos about game development

agreed, it probably made a difference with the KS and by extension the whole game getting as large as it got rather that essentially one act and three masteries which Crate might have been able to do without the KS.

As a consequence they also manged to get more buyers than they otherwise would have. Those buyers however probably mostly bought the game for what it is, not for having some relationship with TQ which the buyers still have fond memories of. So imo the success / sales of GD are because of GD, not because of TQ nostalgia as Paavo suggested. That was my main point.

Why not both? :wink:

Either do I, but having a well functioning multiplayer dont force you into any competition at all. Im fact, playing game with other people always brings more attractions than playing solo. Personally I love playing as a team where every member has his own role to fill, therefore challenging greater treats become possible :slight_smile:

Notice it doesnt make single player worst, mp is diffrent and also can be fun, without forcing any kind of ladders. Anyway why would we even have a ladder system here? Just becouse all other games do? Naa…

What Id love to see im terms of multiplayer is a well functioning lobby, with specific channels.

Yea, GD getting streamed with FG release is one thing, but id take idea of releasing demo very seriously. Giving the opportunity to play the game right after stream would ensure positiv impact after stream ends.

Speaking of coverage.
Recently, Techvania put up an excellent GD review on YouTube.
I found another one, with additional gameplay and a little more in-depth, but still reasonably compact:

You Should Play Grim Dawn! [Review]

Agreed. You should… :smiley:

What do you guys think?

SO MUCH INSIGHT in the gaming industry in 1 comment 10/10

D3 is talked about because its blizzard game so most people know about it, while POE is the biggest and most popular arpg today (just a month ago they broke new record with most concurrent players at one time of around 150 000 players, or was it 180 000 not sure now).