Which class to begin with?

I ave decided between 2 types of class i will have as first character. Im just not sure which to pick as in which one will be easiest to deal with the first parts of endgame.
I want to be either a ravenous earth ritualist or a storm totem vindicator.
Any advice?

If you want to play as ritualist then better choose something like wendigo + storm totems. Vitality ravenous earth is not strong enough, also this skill has low gear support. If you want vindicator then it’s ok to play with storm totems, this class combo got some nice farmable and faction gear. To sum up, ritualist = more survivability, vindicator = more friendly starter with decent damage

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I say Ritualist because Vitality casters are easily geared, powerful and have excellent survivability. Ritualist is also more flexible if you want to re-spec later into, say, a pet build.

Another thing - most Vit casters are piano builds with lots of buttons to push… Vindicator not so much. So think about how much micro you do / don’t enjoy.

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