Which enemy in AoM drop this ?


I got one from my veteran playthrough
but now I’m currently on elite and I couldn’t remember which enemy I get this scepter from :undecided:

Anyone has a clue ?

Ascendant Spellbreakers and Myrmidions. Basically the human type enemies of the Aetherial Vanguard faction.

You can also buy them later from an NPC merchant in Steelcap District, after you complete some quests for the Malmouth Resistance.

Wow thanks everyone so much

I’ll have to farm it as asap, this wand is very great for my build :wink:

Sorry, gonna use this thread then ^^.

Same question but with this armor ?
I don’t think I’ve seen a “Galakros” elite.

He is a boss below Malmouth Sewers camp.