Which res do we need to overcap ?

With the upcoming patch release it will be easier to see what resistances are overcapped, and adjust them accordingly. Beside, now that i encountered Valdaran in Ultimate, i know how important overcapping ligthning res is, once you have reached Aetherial Nemesis status.

so i wondered which other resist were useful to overcap, and which value were considered safe ? for lightning i guess is around 120 but i don’t test it. the other one i can think of is Aether if you’re foe to Anesteria but this one is already a pain to cap.

Other thoughts ?

I think i focus on every resistance besides aether and chaos. I still try to get some decent chaos resistance but i don’t give a damn about aether since i don’t do Valbury

Personally i recommend keeping extra augments in your inventory

Anasteria (and Valdaran, and Shar’Zul, and some others) don’t care about your resist, because they can cut all of them by half.
In that case you need around 160 aether resist to feel safe against Anasteria.

all if possible… i dont stop until i capped all primary resistances except maybe stun… and the secondary ones of course… like life leech etc, dont care about them:rolleyes:

next patch should help a lot in this regard

in fact that’s exactly what i wanted to know;) which monsters debuffs you that hard and what kind of damage they deal. i disagree that you NEED 160 resist to feel safe though, because res isn’t your only way of defense and you can be safe around 50 (which is “only” 100 res if it works the way you describe)

thank you for answers anyway :slight_smile:

Really depends on the enemy, for example iron maiden requires max bleed resist and good physical resist while fabius requires max pierce and also bleed resist…

If you overlap those points help when you get debuffed correct? Like if I technically had 120 but only showing 80 then get 50% debuffed you now have 60 instead of 40.

^i don’t think so from what i read anasteria valdaran and sharzul resistance reduction is absolute… e.g. it will always be 40% no matter how much overcap you have.

yah you got the point :wink: might have been more explicit it seems :cry:

i don’t think so, i remember a thread mentioning that it was a display bug and have been corrected since :confused: