Which Skills can shotgun

I know Phantasmal Blade, Devastation and Stun Jacks can Shotgun, any other spells/skills that can shotgun and are viable for proc heavy builds? Preferably something that can be spammed, unlike Devastation :wink:

Chaos Bolt is good to proc stuff. Damage-wise however… :eek:

Bringing this back from the dead but I’m also curious. Do the item skills like Obsidian Tremor and Winter King’s Might shotgun as well? Does anyone have a list of every active player-acquired skill in the game that can shotgun?

They do, perfect for procing stuff like crazy, notably flame torrent from the fiend devotion. Never tried it, but from the description it would seem the acquired skill from the chaos ammunition component also does.

Just in case I’m misunderstanding shotgun, that means that each projectile or instance procs damage separately? So I could theoretically hit someone with all 3 projectiles of Obsidian Tremor at once if they’re standing right in front of me?

Yes, I’ve played with the skill quite a bit and it does behaves this way. Here’s a couple builds for reference if you want to see it in action:

I’m working on a winter king build currently, the skill also behaves the same way.

Thanks much! Those are really cool builds =)

Looking forward to it :smiley:

Damn, I was working on one as well since there’s none in the build compendium right now. Look forward to seeing yours. How heavily are you building towards pets with your build?

Not to seem like a poser but I must admit I am asking because I’m planning something of a winter King build. I don’t have a chance to play it so it’s just theorycraft at this point, but I’ll post it soon.

I’ll probably post the build this weekend when I get time to shoot some videos and get at least Cronley rep to nemesis.

I’m not relying on pets at all unless you count blade spirits to proc devotions as such.

Here’s the only uploaded screenshot I have at this time, been some changes since then so there’s no antivenom salves in all the slots to cap resists now. http://imgur.com/HU7AtDo

I am working on a PB cold-based spellbreaker. So far it’s my only character that has not died yet on Veteran for me.

Ah, spellbreaker. I shouldn’t have assumed Trickster. Sort of makes more sense really, despite what the itemization of the Winter King items would imply.