Which skills to bring up first

I am wondering on a DW Purifier which skill tree to bring up first or do I alternate between the 2?


What damage type are you planning to run with? Fire strike gets strong really fast when you take flame touched, but word of pain is amazing for leveling with devotion procs. Can always respec later after youve gained a bunch of levels.

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I was going with fire strike for now I am also wondering how to get devotion points and how to spend them so I could respec I suppose later.

Check this out DW Firestrike Purifier: A build diary from Normal to 170 Glad

If this is your first playthrough, rushing devotion points will be more challenging that if you have at least 1 character whose made it to FG in Ultimate.

A great way to get a head start on your Devotions is to start a new game in Crucible. To maximize time, die right away. Youll instantly gain a level and be rewarded with some loot which is usually decent for a level 2 guy

Start over and complete the first 10 waves. You should hit level 10 and be rewarded with 3 Tributes. Tributes are a resource exclusively for use in crucible ans can be used to “buy” devotion points from an NPC in the Crucible arena.

The Tribute cost for a devotion point rises over time (i think the more you buy the more Tributes you have to pay, either that or the price is calculated by taking your level into account, or both). Regardless, in the beginning you should be able to repeat this process 4 or 5 times, and get 4 or 5 Devotion points this way before you even actually start the base game. Youll also be about level 18 or so at this point.

Now return to the base game and youll steamroll through the beginning, easily able to rush to all the early Shrines and quickly get more devotion points.

Until you hit FG in Ultimate and can unlock all the waypoints by using a consumable sold by a vendor in town, this has been the best way ive been able to get devotion points quickly.

A great way to level is to pump all your points into flame touched and BWC (without the transmuter- you want to be able to fling tons if these things). With all that boosted fire damage, stacking Black Water Cocktails all over the field will just annihilate early game mobs.