which X-sect legguards should i try farm?

well, i’ve got a blademaster project and i’m theory crafting. I’m curious of the X sect legguards. In addition of suffixes / affixes:
Bysmiel has poison resistance.
Dreeg has OA and vitality resistance.
Solael has ether resistance and adcth.
3 good things that can be useful. What i should farm?. any sugestions?
it would be a pain search a item that i’ll not use
For more details, i’ll play a pierce blademaster with belgothian set and redeemer of malmouth. That’s the only gear assegured for now.

Really depends on what you need. If you have the OA, than solarl-sect is the way to go. That being said, I would just farm crucy till a good pair drops with nice affixes and us said pair. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s solael or Dreeg’s.

Any rough estimate on drop% with these?
Done Hidden Path many times and not seen a single one drop.

thanks for the info. OA it’s not a problem. solael’s guardian, you’ll suffer my wrath

grim tools answer’s you: https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/384/items

No idea. They are rare though. Like I said, crucible is great for farming these as you get 3 guardians spawning multiple times. Unless you hate crucy with a passion/don’t have it, that would be my advice.

Crucible. The big dilemma. It seems boring to me farming there, but great loot…

Bysmiel my least favorite, for anything other than summoner.

Solael 1st a for me if we are talking sect pants only.

For OA there are better choices in AOM with resistance too