(whine) Respec at patches?

With new items, mods to game mechanics, etc…it often happened that a build is no more useful/“cookiecutter”.
As we know, the game itself is optimizing a char to its best…so when it happens, it’s easier to abandon/delete char and start a new one.
…and i hate it.

I know, there are mods/trainers/save editors and so on, but i hate to tweak the game/cheat.
why at least don’t give a free total respec at each game-changing patch? (even poe, full online game, gives this opportunity)

What “game changing patch” are you thinking about? I believe such a patch has yet to happen in Grim Dawn.

All we have seen are minor tweaks to items and skills, most of which were buffs, and some new items, so I have no idea what changes you are referring to.

The reason Poe gives a full respec after big patches is BECAUSE it’s “full online”. They have access to your characters. GD characters are saved on your PC or stream cloud(which they do not have access to AFAIK), so it’s not happening.

yes…but as they don’t care exploits…why don’t give a respec per patch? And leave us play the game as intended instead of modding it.
still making us think before messing points, but fixing it when there s a change

you do have the ability to buy back skill points, If there are changes now, they will be tweaks or buffs to the said skills, why then is a full respect needed? there isn’t. mastery points can’t be edited, you can easy buy back skill points if a skill isn’t good anymore, unless you want a full respec of masteries? but that been asked for , and won’t happen.

So I don’t see the point, the thing to remember with PoE, the passive tree is always changing, you can’t edit your char like you can in offline games.

GD has a few changes in the mastery in the past, namely in early access, but now that the game is officially out, skill wises, will be buffs or nerfs, so no real need for a full respec.

It’s not possible, I already explained why.

please name a case where a change in a patch affected you so negatively that you had to start over and could not simply reinvest a few skill points or switch out some gear to adjust - in fact I have trouble coming up with an example where I even had to do either of these…

I still think you are talking about something hypothetical that has not happened.

i agree, changes regarding skills tree are very scarce since release, and it seems there are fewer with every patch, which i’m glad for.

they have been nerfs to items and items skills in order to promote gear diversity, but they didn’t break builds, just make them sometimes a little less efficient. only example which comes to my mind is Celestial powers, which received big changes (Time Dilation for example).

that will probably won’t happen again

The reason for full respecs in PoE is because there’s forced meta, which constantly changes every new league. The changes are often so drastic, that are able to make a crap out of an OP build, and vice versa. This game is also highly competitive, and this is a way to provide an “equal” start of the chars in the permanent leagues.
Another game with full respec by design is D3, it’s to please the casuals.

In GD developers consider that in this game decisions matter, and while small mistakes can be fixed, major fuck-ups result in rerolls. No full respec is also a way to restrict players from the MMO-ish approach to play a single character forever, but to build a new one from scratch when they need different builds. That’s Crate’s vision on the game, for good or bad.

The good news is, this game is moddable and allows the player to bypass the developers’ decisions and customize the game on his own. And there are working tools.

I agree with you that there isn’t much need for something like a respec, but I can relate to the sentiment that I think OP is getting at, of getting tired of putting together all of the items for a build just for it to be nerfed enough to need a rework and more items and different skills. That stuff adds up.

Pretending like Crate doesn’t nerf the crap out of stuff just isn’t true. They literally just nerfed Vengeance/Mercy so hard that they had to admit that they went too far and reverted part of it. I don’t see any current firestrike builds being discussed. Shadowstrike used to be way more prevalent. Shotgun builds were big for a little while before they were nerfed.

Any change in skills/game mechanics is something that isn’t player responsibility…and something he didn0t know when started/developed his char.

I think that if you mess up your char is your fault, but it’s not the case when a patch changes what it’s optimal.

It happened many times since beta with my “zookeeper” char, that I had to abandon and respec.
I wasn’t wrong when developed my char. it just became obsolete after patches.

Can you name at least one specific example of a change where you had to scrap a character post-release because of balance changes? Your argument doesn’t mean anything past pure speculation without citing something specific.

your build does not become unplayable because an item or two got nerfed. Less powerful, sure, but nowhere near having to start over

Pretending like Crate doesn’t nerf the crap out of stuff just isn’t true. They literally just nerfed Vengeance/Mercy so hard that they had to admit that they went too far and reverted part of it.

yes they do nerf, but they buff more than they nerf and a reset does not help at all in this case, so it hardly can be what the OP is thinking of when asking for a reset


for example, I re-adjusted SEVERAL times my char’s build to follow this guide and keep my char decent and working.
Not one, but many times.
since beta, then also after release.

Again, can you give a specific example of a change that required you to scrap a character? Not the character build that you had to change, but the change itself. Having to re-adjust a build multiple times does not qualify as scrapping it. The tools for re-adjusting a build already exist.

Changes that happened in early-access are irrelevant. That was a point in development when the game was very volatile and is not applicable to now.

First ,sorry for bad english.
I just do not understand ppl who ask for a respec option. Lets say u managed to reach max level, made a good char, then suddenly new patch kicks in with a new awesome item set that u wanna use, then u respec, and i bet you will play that new respec char few days and get bored of it.
I am not some great player nor am I any good at making god class and skill combination, but i play the style I like and ofc I care more about item looks then about set being op.
The thing is , if they add respec to the game, it will kill repeatability from level 1.
And just one question, when expansion get released, will you respec ur high lvl char in favor of a new class tree?

I d keep same dual-class but probably adjust to a performant build, if the previous has been nerfed…just don t see the point of trashing an old char because of factors that I couldn’t know.
a forced reroll, like a ladder.

of course things change during beta, if you cannot live with that, then wait for the final release…

Have there been large changes after that though, to the point of starting over rather than reallocating some skill points ? Given that you apparently still use the original char, the obvious answer is no.

So still no example for a change that was so severe that you had to start over…

Actually, even though I do not see a serious need for it right now, I always wondered why there was no such thing as a full respec option after significant changes.
Sure, during early access you will have to live with your character being made unviable by a patch and there’s been no big changes to the skill trees since release, so you could assume that a developer-triggered respec option is not necessary.
On the other hand it’s always good to have such a tool at your disposal as a developer, as it would enable you to make significant changes to the skill trees or devotion constellations without having to fear invalidating thousands of characters, annoying your playerbase.

And this doesn’t ring true:

Probably there would have to be changes made to the engine, but I can imagine very simple solutions for the general problem.
Basically all you would have to do would be to have a flag denoting if such a free full respec was available for a certain character or not.
If a patch would offer such a respect, all characters would be flagged on applying the patch, once a character would have used his respec, that flag would be removed for that character.
These flags could either be stored inside the character data or in a dedicated table that would include all character’s flags.