Whirling Blades question

The flat damage the Seal of Blades skill Whirling Blades does: It seems as if it is meant to be a damage aura kind of thing, is that right? I mean, it doesn’t add its flat damage to weapon attacks I do, but rather … what exactly? Does it affect anyone within 5 meters with that damage once per … second? or what exactly? Can’t seem to find any information on this anywhere, in game or elsewhere

You are right, it´s an Aura with damage per second :slight_smile:

It deals damage to enemies around you like Night’s Chill Cold/Frostburn or Aura of Censure’s Fire/Burn.

Hey thanks – since I’m not familiar with those, how often do these all proc / damage enemies? Thanks much

Not sure, I think they go off once per second.

The bleeding dot is permanently refreshed, would say 1 sec for piercing, too.