Who else plays all the way zoomed in?

After more than 1k hours in the game I needed to spice things up a bit in order for the game to keep my attention, so I started a playthrough with the camera all the way zoomed in at all times.

It’s awesome.

The pace of the game seems much more frenetic and in your face, but you don’t lose as much LOS as you might think. It’s amazing to see just how titanic Obsidian Titans are as they tower over your character, and you are able to truly appreciate all of the skill and spell effects that the artists worked so hard on. If you’re bored and looking for a much more exciting way to play the game, give it a shot.

I can’t go back to zoomed out now. It feels too weird.

I play Mac zoom out and don’t get it how come some people don’t :wink: But videos from some of the best crucible runners are know are for some reason at default zoom.

noone else its just you

I do play that way sometimes. And sometimes I am not running to face next mob area but just chilling looking at the leaves and trees and things.

I know for a fact this is the only way jiaco plays

Can confirm.

Max Zoomed out here. Even the medium is too much zoomed in for me.

Depends on the attack range of the build.

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Actually I just realized I play almost all zoomed in. I love the field of view with it. My husband plays all the way zoomed out and shakes his head at me with my zoom. He’s like “the first thing you need to do is zoom all the way out” and I’m like “no!”


I play mostly zoomed in. I like being able to see what is going on. I only zoom out if I need to.

play all the way zoomed out.

I occasionally zoom in to get a nice view of the landscape

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way out. Would probably zoom out even further if I could. :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend of mine, on the other hand, plays all the way zoomed in and on minimum graphics settings. It’s like a completely different visual experience.