Why are my soldiers murdering people?

I saw this happen back in 0.7something and figured it was a bug. My overall happiness is 95%. My soldiers in the barracks all seem to be happy. Yet I’ve suddenly got a couple of MY soldiers just running around down murdering people in “brawls”. I’ve lost 20 villagers already because this guy is mowing them down with his halberd. What’s going on? Why does this happen? It’s definitely not a money issue because my town has over 100K in its coffers.

Drunkness maybe?

If a soldier can get drunk and wipe out two dozen people, that’s a pretty broken mechanic.

Because they haven’t put the brothels in yet.

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It is working the way it was designed. Drunk villagers who have weapons, kill other villagers in drunken brawls, while villagers without weapons just fight. YOU have the ability to stop it. Multiple ways in fact. Think the problem through.