Why are the component skills (level 75) nerfed hard?

Excuse me?
What happened here?
Is this compensation for something?
They tell me nobody is making builds around these anymore so they need to be nerfed into the ground?

Yeah, that one puzzled me as well. The only reasoning I can think of is that those skill won’t outshine some of the “proper” skills like DEE, I dunno ::scratches head::

well, this nerf looks really odd. these components always worked as a good filler on caster, not bad, not overperforming. so removing crit is like … why?

if you notice through the changelog Z is going overall “hard” on removing crit
i’m guessing because of how the multiplier functions, and it might be an easier tweak to overtuned high performance builds that gets a lot of dmg racked up from crit dmg??

well, the crit, I suppose, applies to the component damage only, so …
and again, these skills are nice fillers for proccing sth/leeching but that’s all.
never seen a build carried ny a component.

idono, i’ve seen a lot of chillspike builds lately :wink:
i also remember chain lightning being used fairly generously
and not like stormfire filler was neglible either in some occasions here or there

given how Z is removing crit from not only these components, but couple other items aswell there might some sort of theme going on in his reasoning i guess?

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On builds such as these I think it’s pretty good.
When he’s spamming those Chillspikes I’d gestimate 3.5k flat non-dot per second
wheras i.e. Word of Pain would be doing 1/10 of that.

Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but I think somebody had a Temporal Arcblade build that spammed chain lightning and wrecked CR maybe a year ago. I’m in my phone so I can’t find it right now…

Sure there are a lot of Chain Lightning builds, for example this is one with Acid Chain Lightning:

But then again I saw @grey-maybe skipping Biting Blades lately in his Acid Dreegal so I don’t know anymore:

These components were used more often than others, not because they were too “strong”, but because the rest against their background are even weaker


I think for me the best ones are pretty good but not that good to nerf them either :thinking:
There’s a price of using them well which is less freedom in kiting, getting more casting speed and sometimes conversions.

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Agree, nerf of these components looks weird. Why it was impossible to tighten the weaker components to their level. I’m not sure that “impossible” is a correct word here, but i couldn’t find a more correct word

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I think the beauty of the crit bonuses is that is worthy focusing the build more on OA instead of casting speed and %dmg, this allows lower energy requirements, now such builds need to be recalibrated, so this affects many existing builds

I can think of only two situations of component skills ‘outshining’ something that probably isn’t supposed to be outshined. word of pain comparison makes no sense to me.

stormfire vs spam BWC, in my opinion the problem here is not stormfire but spam BWC and the huge point investment needed to do any reasonable dmg and keep up with stormfire.

All of them vs ‘Tome of Arcane wastes’, I could be wrong, since I only experimented with it on hybrid pet builds (for which tome of arcane wastes seems great on paper), but I always feel it loses fairly easily to some pet off-hand + component.

In my opinion Obliteration is more often that not rather not an addition but something you need to build properly around - high casting speed to make it tick 1 / 0.15 = 6.666… times per second (you have at most half that many casts with component skill), utilize Crit damage by having OA, optimize Devo to benefit from skills Reduced Target’s Resistances, not have that many skills interrupting channeling otherwise it might not be worth it to use an off-hand slot for it unless you really benefit from All Skills or simply like it. You might have not done it in your hybrid build (your comparison might make even less sense than mine ;). There were some good Obliteration builds in the past. However damage on it seems kinda lowish :thinking:

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My favorite non-ranged build doodles were using any of these components, slapping on a 2 hander, and seeing if it could carry as primary damage with minimal other damage abilities. Probably not the intended focus but on their own often not world burning results. Guessing as tq has linked the thought is they are pushing some slightly overperforming builds a bit too far and the design intent is basic filler only. Which is obviously bummer town.

Then again it’s just the crit bonuses removed and outside of some outlier high OA builds I’m not even sure how much this will impact. Based on the calculator and standardish 3k OA vs 2.5k DA target, these are losing 4-5% damage depending on 20% or 30% crit damage. Hurts my meme dreams but shouldn’t be super noticeable on otherwise high performing builds.


This time I’ve only raised my eyebrow but next time…

  • reeee
  • feedback thread here with “Useless” in the title 10 minutes after a patch
  • thread on Reddit listing dead builds
  • refusal to update the game and test builds
  • deletion of “Skill granted by items” thread
  • separate site with component skill builds and video proofs of :crate: being toxic
  • going back to Titan Quest
  • creating a reverse patch-hardmod

@Jabarto Thanks, I didn’t know this one. Sounds moving and convincing.


June 30th, 2021 is a day I will always remember. It is the day I became cynical, bitter, and distraught. You may call it an overreaction for me to feel this way simply because of the business practices of a single video game company, but let me explain what all of this means to me.

My life was thrown off balance and I will never regain my footing after today, because I lost my ability to respect. An essential part of being human is to feel respect for those who may or may not be deserving of it. But it is equally human to feel painful disillusionment when someone or something you respected turns out to be much less than you thought. But the level of betrayal I felt when Crate announced announced the new patch changelog tore something from me that I’ll never be able to recover. They tore away my ability to respect anything, and they tore away my ability to feel human.

Crate Entertainment was a company I respected, and their employees were people I looked up to.,, and were quality patches that combined reasonable nerfs with long overdue buffs. These patches may have been silly and humorous at times, but deep down they were always realistic and crafted with a level of detail and skill that won appreciation from gamers all across the internet. was their newest patch, and the internet was in unanimous agreement that it was of unparallelled quality. Following it’s long awaited release, Crate began releasing quality patches that raised the bar ever higher for Action Role Playing Games.

Then was announced. This was not just an announcement of a new patch, it was announcement of Crate Entertainment’s suicide. It is a patch intended to completely disregard any sense of game balance or fun, and instead shock the entire world with its lunacy. Crate Entertainment had gone off the deep end and raised the middle finger to everybody who stayed loyal to them. They had announced that they didn’t care anymore, that they didn’t care for their community, and they were going to go out of their way to sabotage everything they had spent years creating.

The pain I felt from this betrayal has destroyed me on an emotional level, and has deprived me of my primary source of entertainment. No longer can I play ARPGs without remembering the day I ceased mattering to people I devoted myself to. Crate had not just destroyed me or their company, they had destroyed the one force of stability in the world: Trust.


This before biting blades got nerfed lol. But yeah eveey component spam skill got nerfed except acid purge cause it sucks. Nowadays (i mean they’re just there for filler on casters and I don’t think these should be nerfed unless there’s another thing going on.

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Seems to me that the majority of the game hasn’t been significantly impacted.

Some humans fear change more than others, I suppose.

Take a break from GD. Sounds like there may be a few more tweaks, some to compensate…others to change. :man_shrugging: