Why are the component skills (level 75) nerfed hard?

This will indeed be a physical and Pierce killing patch. Changes to the worse like I’ve never seen before. I do will remain at in hope of sanity coming back to crate at around or so. Rly surprised that there’s not more outcry like that.

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I’ve definitely never heard that line before, yet the game and the builds are still here.

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Sure. With a fancy mix of physical/elemental and pierce/elemental damage. Build diversity shifting to damage diversity :).

To me, one of the most interesting aspects to GD, in comparison to other ARPGs, is that you can do a lot with item skills. It’s a layer of depth and complexity that makes the game feel, even more than it already does, that it has layer upon layer of possibilities. I think it’s just flat out a bad move to nerf said skills (even RA, as strong as it is.) Being able to make a purely support/defensive character and use a component skill is just one of the coolest paths you can take in GD and I truly do hope that these changes don’t stick. I usually bite my tongue when my retal builds keep getting nerfed while pet nerds just run around, dancing in the fields, but nerfing item skills is just too ridiculous.

Looks like, patch will be truly “amazing” :laughing:. More artificall challenges to overcome, more questionable Crate decisions to accept.

They don’t call us Crate “questionable decisions” Entertainment for nothing.

There seems to be some confusion here as some appear to have the expectation that Component skills are meant to be build-defining. That has never been the case. They are intended to be great filler or support skills.

They may have great damage up to a point, but once a build comes together and ultimate ranks and skill modifiers kick in, they fall behind. This is intentional.

As such, when they contribute too much damage to a core build, some adjustments may be necessary, especially if such results are observed regularly across many archetypes.

% Crit damage in particular is very skewed towards endgame where high OA allows for reliable crits and, as such, impacts that spectrum of play the most. That is why the nerf was only to % Crit damage and not to the base damage of the skills.

You may disagree with that, but those are the facts. Also calling these nerfs “into the ground” is just plain overreacting.


But one of the loading screen tips says “granted skills may complement, or even DEFINE the build”? =)

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That loading screen tip will get nerfed soon. :rofl:


Tutorial Tip #13 Epic and Legendary items can grant you unique abilities that can complement, or even define, your build.

Tutorial Tip #17 Components used on weapons grant an activated skill that you can use to complement your build.

Think you got two mixed up. :wink:


But skills in the OP a not “activated”? I thought it’s stuff like Coldstone, Enchanted Flint, etc?

But okay okay, you can keep the nerfs XD

Obvious solution sounds like Z should work on a bunch of additional set based filler skills ala Arcane Tempest set so we can still have an array of near primary level equipment skills. I assume item budget for multiple pieces should allow for better results than a single component, and what’s another 5-6 sets worth of artwork, new skills creation, balancing, animations, etc!

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And new tip will appear, “everything you loved is nerfed and turned to dust” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“Do not, my friends, become addicted to insert_your_favorite_item/skill/set/build. It will take all of you, and you will resent its nerfing” :crate:.

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itt some people missing @Jabarto’s post being satire


I sure love Blade Trap skill that make me cherish it and never try to use them :slight_smile:

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Thanks Z for answering my question and thanks to the other contributors for the epic tragedy
and emotional support during these hard times for my beloved filler skills. :laughing: