Why caster named have infinite energy ?

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I don’t get that.
I’m ok with HP regeneration and whatnot but energy ? Just look at rares casters, they do the same spells rotation on a clock.
That’s stupid in my book.

Not all of them have infinite energy, but high energy regen enough to negate their own energy cost. But if you have energy burn mechanics, it can get you through that to drain their pools of energy down to where they can’t cast.

Energy burn at this point is rather rare, although I don’t know how often I find enemies who have been burnt out by my Blind Sage procs, and it does help a bit. And Nemesis are immune, obviously.

So…the mob should run out of energy so it’s just a pinata to be beat on? That would be fun. Just cheese everything by running mobs outta energy and then go back to slaughter in easy mode. Sounds great; let’s implement this!

I don’t think mobs should follow a rotation in spells anyway.

But I don’t like the idea of infinite energy either.
They should have some kind of energy pot / energy regen but not be braindead casters that do the same spells over and over.

Nothing in this game has infinite anything.

Edit: Except for Loxmere having infinite ability to piss off HC players.

Pretty much every boss has infinite energy.
The bar is full green for absurd amount of time.

I tried with a tanky char and I could sit there for 15 minutes and they would keep on casting and having max energy.

The final boss can run out of energy and will stop summoning adds at some point.

Don’t ask how I know, it was a bad/long fight…