**** Why Did I die?


I’m noob here, new to GD. I only play HC. Since D2 HC I can’t play anything else but HC :wink:

I was 41 , Homestaad, Royal/Hive - Den of the lost with my Necro skelettons, cleaning all the monsters and feeling like a Necro god…AND … I attack the boss, I just saw a star upon his head…and Boom life out in a Sec…What could have kill me ??? Thanks for help

Ambition. Don’t play HC in games you don’t know in depth. :wink:

Seriously, if I were to venture a guess, probably low acid resistance.


If you didn’t delete your character yet load it into Grim Tools and post the link here. We’ll be able to venture a more likely cause to the untimely demise. @ya1 is probably correct in you had low acid resist but the Grim Tools link will tell us more for sure.


Death is only the beginning of your journey, so dont allow it to be a stopping point. Hardcore mentality is only in your head so forgive yourself by just resurrecting your toon via forbidden tools… nobody will come to know that you have dabbled with the dark arts of necromancy :smiling_imp:

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This! Go ahead and share your char Grimtools link so we can say for sure. Could be many things like resistances, low DA (defensive ability) resulting a critical hit, or a combination of the two.

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Might not be relevant to OP as I understand he/she’s a HC player, but IMO playing SC to learn the mechanics first is the best way to go.

GD is far more complex than most other RPG’s


Sorry about your death, always painful to die, especially in HC mode.

Usually if you play HC you need to have experience with stats you need to manage, as well as enemies mechanics, attack patterns. HC is not only DA or covering resistances but having skills/knowledge to avoid this kind of situations.

Probably shotgunned by Gollus.


invisible smigle

One ring to rule them all!

My bet is will be acid ground damage but that can’t one shot him so Gollus makes sense.

Hey All,

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:

Looking at the map I guess it was Gollus…Dam he hurts so badly lol
I did not know I can load the char after death so I just deleted it…

Sure I should understand the game before HC but I love the feeling to be at test every single match :slight_smile: Unfornutately I died a lot lol… I have 300 hours and still at homestaad :smiley:

It’s more difficult than Diablo 3 for sure. I do not see how a DPS class can survive ^^

You can still get that feeling with more experience under your belt

It’s possible for sure. Superfluff, plasmodermic, x1x1x1x2, and myself are some examples of DPS fiends.

But learn the basics first.

GD is kinda like a marathon. The first goal should be just completing it. Worry about speed after.

EDIT: Definitely check out the guides/tutorial section in the forum if you haven’t already. A tonne of useful infromation to be found there

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imo, you should try reaching lvl 100 ultimate on softcore 1st with a decent build at least.

because in gd, there are several bosses/heroes that can jumpscare you out of nowhere (either with ambush or sudden special moves) and then one shot you with SINGLE STRIKE/SNIPE/METEOR/SHOTGUN/VOLCANO UNDER YOUR REAR/STACKS UPON STACKS OFF DOTs. these sudden damage spike moves can only be countered IF you know what’s their damage type, and already prepare your resistances, health and da for that (also knowing their pattern and how to kite them really helps). having good adcth and some instant defense/heal panic buttons also helps a lot.

after you understand how to deal with enemies that can cause potential one shot jumpscare of sudden death, you can go hc safely. it is mandatory to read the guides/tutorial section on this forum (or other official gd forums) to understand the gameplay mechanics of gd and how to make viable builds.

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Not to mention too that these attacks are often very loudly advertised - e.g. it’s not easy to miss a giant green meteor from space crashing down on you.

But if you die and are forced to restart the game, you’ll never learn the attack animation/patterns of each enemy, and will always struggle with outplaying them

This in essence is how glass cannons survive - outplaying enemies.

I keep emphasizing the importance of mobility and positioning here in the forum - the truth of the matter is you can’t get killed if you don’t get hit.

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+1 ad infinitum to this. I keep learning it the hard way. Lost my second HC classless character last night. I was positioning and kiting like made and I glanced down fighting Galfang Ishatal in Elite. And positioning and kiting was difficult because of how those friggin paths in the Veiled Den Edge of Reality work. I glanced down to check a cool down icon and when I did I got my positioning wrong and YOU ARE DEAD. Pisser of it was I had that bastard dead to rights.

Stupid pathing. :smiley: Well that and I knew I shouldn’t have tried it. Coulda played it much safer as my DA was a tad low and I was thinking about farming up some better rings. But I got impatient. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, back to it.

EDIT: Cause I a EYE DEE 10 TEE error.

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GD seems a lot more tougher than diablo series ! so HC… I’m gonna try a little bit and see I go SC :smiley:

I don’t know for you but I got some D2 feelings playing GD and even more ! great game. Unfortunately no secured online if I understand well .


No, there are no closed servers for the game because it’s mainly single player focused. Might be something the devs will consider if/when they make a GD2, but won’t be happening for this game. Plus closed servers wouldn’t allow the variety of mods available for the game including D3 and Reign of Terror mods.

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Why unfortunately? Do you enjoy server disconnects and crashes? Do you enjoy botting and duping?

And yet we play multiplayer all the time. It’s the best kind of multiplayer the way I see it. No real money involved = no reason to cheat. You play with friends and have a great time. I certainly like it more than Blizzard’s BOTnet and DCnet. Especially so when you play hardcore. In all my time playing GD online not a single char was lost due to crashes or disconnects. Some game bugs - sure. But that’s a different story.

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wots this m8?

The hallmark of Diablo2 and 3 online gaming :smiling_imp:

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