Why is there No Stun Resistance Reduction?

Hey everyone, huge fan of GD. Logged more hours in it than every other game. For quite some time I’ve been interested in doing a stun build but lack of stun resistance reduction has left that desire unfulfilled. Why do freeze and entrapment have reduction resistance gear but stun and petrify lack the option? It would be a great inclusion for all cc to have a reduction option!

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It exists. It’s just less common.

As for why Freeze and Entrapment get extras, it’s because the sets or gear that offer it are built predominantly around skills that Freeze or Trap enemies in Flash Freeze and Blade Trap respectively.

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Thanks for the GT link and reply! I had missed that set, it’s unfortunate it’s ranged (for the ideas I’d had) but it’s something to play with! It’d be a great add to the octavius set for forcewave but this will quench my desire for now :relieved:

Let’s use regex in GT to see all -%Stun stuff

/-[0-9]+% reduced stun/

And of course only 5 results all of which from this Luminari Regalia set :man_facepalming:

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-*% Reduced Stun Duration is what I did a search for. Only regular expression stuff I remember from years back is that * is used as a wildcard :joy:

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Thanks, I didn’t know this one, it’s easier to remember.

Random thought I just had: If you’re looking for a Stun build, you could also consider something like this for a base.

~1s cooldown (closer to 1.2-1.3s if you drop Arcanist, 1.5-1.6s if you pick up an off hand) on a skill that guaranteed stuns for 4.5-5.5s with a 30% chance for no cooldown whatsoever.

On paper, this should stun lock a large number of Heroes and below to death. Certain ones like Unstoppable Heroes with their aura (unless you nullify these), turret-style enemies like Aetherial Crystals/Terraformers/Sentinels and Dranghouls off the top of my head will heavily resist it or be outright immune. Bosses and above will also be immune to your stun completely.

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