Why no bridges tho?

Hi there. Anyone know why there are no ways to cross a lake yet? Sometimes I’m closed off pretty much from a bunch of resources just because of water and no productive way to reach them. Or is there a work around?

Welcome to the forum. Nope, sorry, no workaround atm. As for why there are none.


I gotta say, if there are no bridges or boats (or strong swimmers :stuck_out_tongue: ) the game shouldn’t put tempting resources on inaccessible areas :wink: It really is psychologically stressful to have what you need within sight but unavailable!

I’m sure this is why there’s so much passion on the topic around here :wink:

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Pure curiosity. Understandable. I’m really enjoying the game and I think with the latest patch the problem might solve itself regarding the resources. I used the lake maps quiet often and that’s where I asked myself the said question about bridges since it cut me off a huge bit of land quiet often. Thank you for the quick response and keep it up. I think the reviews and player count speak for itself. Great job everyone

Well yeah as mentioned in another post I spend quit some time on lake side maps. Regarding lategame it got really stressful when you were in need of herbs or medical herbs which grow a lot at the shore and you can’t reach them and your city turns into a nightmare regarding health and hygiene. Or other resources. Might solve itself with the new patch regarding quantity of resources tho.

Its seems weird there is no bridge when front of the game shows rivers and fields on the others sides :smiley: of the river

I hope bridge is coming/boat

oh wow i REALLY thought bridges would be added soon. Game feels weird not having them, but i get it if the engine has a issue and some big reprograming has to go down for it then oof. We learn everyday and it’s what we do with that knowledge that defines us!

How about letting the people cross on foot in winter when the water’s frozen? :wink: That couldn’t POSSIBLY lead to any problems. Heh.