Why only 5 bag slots?

Why have all these quests that award you an inventory bag if the bag limit is capped at 5?:confused:

because it might be increased in the expac?

Just seems weird that the game tries to give you more bags than you’re allowed to carry. lol

This way you still get your five bags, even if you skipped a quest or two.

BLASPHEMY! :rolleyes:

I wouldn’t really want more bag slots… 6 total bags is enough. Any more and selling shit once my bags are full would start taking way too long.

wait till crate sells additional bags for 1.99 each! :rolleyes:

Ugh. I swear I’ll shelve the game if it goes microtransaction.

Xavier was joking. This will never happen.

That’s an idle threat. :wink: Like Thundernut said:

I just hope that in the expansion they make a bigger stash. At least double. Since unfortunately, the community has done nothing ingame without risk to lose or duplicate things by accident.

I understand there’s a difference between a DLC and microtransaction…but I would be disappointed to see any game I play become a “pay-to-win” system (read: like every game app for my phone).

We have heard a couple times that they are going to increase stash space with the xpac. How much? well, we do not know yet, but i’m sure any amount will be good for those who want it :slight_smile:

I’ll take 50 thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah count me in as well. I would have no problem at all giving these hard working people some more of my money. This game is an incredibly good bargain.

Greetings, I am new to GD. Question, I play in a duo with another new player. He has 6 bag slots, I only have 5. Does this game have 5 or 6 bag slots? I cannot figure out how he has more than I, due to the fact we play these characters only together. We just finished last night turning in the Fort Ikon quest for a bag slot, on elite. I didn’t get the 6th one again if there is one. He swears he has six.

You can get 5 bags as max. Your friend maybe is counting the default bag also. Or just trolling.
Check the inventory on the pic of the first post.

RedFist- Thanks that is what I thought only 5 bags + the inventory slot below the paper doll were the gear is placed= 6 total. But he swears he has 7 total. He claims if he clicks on the 5th tiny bag slot a six appears…:rolleyes: But being new…:confused:

oh perfect! thanxs