Why such a difference

I built a caster witch hunter to lvl 45. I had appropriate gear

Miasma Robes and Hood
Ring of vile Intent x2
Tome of Plagues
Tainted Blade of Nera’val
Spellbinder’s grips
Rover amulet
Alchemist Belt


And yet I was having a very hard time killing and surviving.

This weekend I changed it to a melee


WOW what a difference. Wholesale slaughter machine now with two Manticore longswords and some stuff I had in storage, same amulet/belt/hands, changed rings to Homestead, templar helm/legs, herald’s jacket.

I still can’t figure out why I was have so much trouble with the caster. I didn’t change the devotions tree the “plan” of which is shown in the first grim calc (I have not started abomination yet).


You didn’t used transmuter on DEE, dont know about mark of dreg in one or bot weapons for one or two more dot poison atc,…

Dot DEE WH is by far easiest to lvl up if you have troubles with it its only because you are doing something wrong.

Sorry JoV but I am having a hard time with the short forms in the forum could you please expand. As for play style it was basically Curse, Pox then hold down the fire button for evil eye. Reapply every 5 secs and throw the sigil down when they get upclose, get hit a few times and run, repeats. Mark of Dreeg was on all 4 weapons. I used the skill in groups.

While i cant give you a reason mechanically why, I have always found DW builds (especially poison or acid based )to reck early game and mid game with little to no thought investment, manticore swords make it even easier given that you can always get them. :wink:

DEE imo, seems to get destroyed mid air by other ranged attacks all the time. Albeit a great skill, until you get a bunch of +% cast speed or angle yourself correctly, enemies ranged attacks destroy it mid air all the time, lowering your dmg output. At least from what i can tell from my experiences with it.

As for survive ability you didn’t take blood of dreeg, which imo is a no no, healing + acid damage and some OA is wonderful. Also you only had one point in pneumatic burst and hadn’t taken its transmutation, Breath of Belgothian. Also no Blade Barrier, which is a great “ohh shit” button. All of which will increase your survive ability in both of your builds.

Also you didn’t have any circuit breaker devotions like chariot, behemoth, turtle, dryad,scales ect… you went all offensive. It helps to have some defensive devotion procs.

Use this setup for now: http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-RvKBbg

If you dont have good enough equipment ie dreeg set and some nice MIs you are aiming more or less this setup: http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-aY5dX2

Put mark of dreeg in one or both weapons (offhand) you will get one/two more short CD poison spells called Dreeg infinite gaze (DIG)

Bind manticores acid spray to DIG, Dreeg evil eye (DEE) on scorpion sting.

Gameplay: Hit and run strategy! Run and cast repeatedly DIG+DEE you dont need to stand in one place and let mobs hit you cuz you are killing with dot (damage over time) effect. Optionally you can find more equipment/components with poison spells on them to use if you dont find this to be enough, but I doubt you will.

Try to craft Dreegs affliction relic when you are high enough lvl for one more strong dot poison spell called Dreeg infinite spines (DIS)

Have fun! :wink:

I would 2nd that the poison dot build for WH is rather fun and i had a very easy time leveling up with it; I did do some cruicible to get a headstart on some of the devotion points but overall the build itself was pretty straight forward.

Later on things like abomination helps a ton for a AOE dot for trash so you don’t feel frustrated trying to aim a smaller aoe to large mobs and having the projectile not always hit its mark.

I would say by ultimate though it falls off some UNTIL you get the ideal EQ for the character ( Dregg set,etc as already started by JOV ), but otherwise should still be doable all the same…just wont be auto melting things from the DOT,lol…

DOT question because I know it was a problem in WOW (which may have been fixed by now). I would dot things up as I was running but it seemed once I got a certain distance away either

  1. the Dot would stop ticking
  2. the mob would die but I wouldn’t get an xp

Is this also a problem in Grim Dawn?

The DOT will keep ticking regardless of the distance between you and the enemy and you’ll always get exp from killing enemies with DOTs because it would be extremely annoying to level DOT builds if enemies didn’t give exp for being killed by DOT.

If your running around dodging mobs in a small area (as I do with my pet build). How about a Trickster using Devils, Blade Spirits and Totems?

If you are just running past as you go up the map then you want something “sticky” such as Devouring Swarm, Blackwater Cocktail, Dreegs Evil Eye, Blood Burst.

Dots that are listed as “over 1 sec” If you had an item that “30% improved duration” Would it do any good since it doesn’t bring you to the next “tick”

Funniest part of DoT build is spamming the skills and then start walking away like a boss and wait for the message “Enemy Boss Killed”

All hail Dreeg