Wildblood Crusher

For as long as I can remember I have been wanted to make a build around the wildblood set, it was one of the first lvl 75 legendaries i got back in the day. Looking at the set now, I see that the 40% physical converted to vitality damage is now gone. That seems like a really big hit cause the build looks like it is supposed to be setup as a melee bleed/vit caster type.

Can we get this back perhaps? Am i asking for too much here? I have yet to see anyone make anything out of this 3 set piece yet. I think this maaaay help the build out i’m not sure, but it would at least put it in the right direction.

Edit. just realize the weapon damage is vitality i am a retard

Honestly I don’t know what the hell is that set trying to do, especially the mythical version.
It gives you some flat vitality damage, cool I guess. But then the set bonus are solely focused on what, bleeding? Guillotine + Bloodrager beat this set any day of the week.
So I guess the only way to play it is as a vitality Savagery/Candence Warder, at least the proc is neat, oh wait they changed it in mythical version. +3 to Swarm is useless, and the buff the Grasping Vines? Last time I check it’s just a proc machine, I really hope I’m wrong on this one.

i love 2H builds i tried very hard to make this set work on my warder, my witchblade, and my conjurer. it’s just too weird. and there are MASSIVELY superior 2H weapons out there now like Gutbuster, Guillotine and Avenger’s.

Crate’s habit of deleting procs and abilities from mythic versions of items is extremely annoying and in cases like this one you just end up with garbage. (speaking of which i FINALLY got the mythic Abyssal helm recipe was so excited for my contagion build… oh except they deleted the contagion proc. CTFO)

U’ve been working on a build surrounding this equipment atm. thegear is stil not fully complete but been doing pretty solid on ultimate thus far

Cannot link build due to post limit

my main question I have is totems and devotion procs do they base it purely on my char stats and cannot determine if life leech procs heal me when totems proc them because I have so much leech going all the time.

post count issue so build can linked being addressed

here is the theoretical final build it is somewhat melee oriented but still relys heavily on caster skills


But does anyone know if devotion proc scaling on totems changes to pet based or remains purely based on the casters stats?

Many centuries ago I make a bleed caster build based on this (non-mythical for sure) set.

In the realities of current patch (especially then we looked at massacre’s relic changes) I thinking about to return back to this build and remake it.

The original set was good only for the weapon and the proc. Without the proc, it’s crap imo, and I raised this concern as soon as the grimtools got updated. I haven’t seen any Grasping vines builds, and probably for a reason.
The weapon is still great though, I’m levrling a 2h melee Ritualist with the weapon in mind atm.

The weapon itself has great stats, lifeleech res reduction and pure vit dmg between the others. The set as a whole is asking you to build a vit/bleed hybrid. I would go full bleed devotionwise. I don’t think it ’ so hard to build around that.

But why choose Wildblood if Avenger is available?

Well that is a good question but i guess more alternative/variants are better than less. Vit/bleed for wilblood (where you could go ritualist) and phys bleed for avenger, which screams warden.

It’s for 2h Melee Ritualist that relies on Savagery and 3 WPS skills. I am not sure where AoE come from or what items besides the set to use, or wtf do we do with boosted Grasping Vines tree (still just a minor support spell).

Grasping vines is quite good actually

Bind Rend to it, even put 1 point in Entangling Vines.

Really softens up large groups. Grasping Vines is underrated imho.

Grasping Vines is a good CC, for sure. But making a whole set with 2h weapon (which limits us greatly) around a single CC skill… A legendary set should help you kill red things, not white. Can you, for example, imagine a set that boosts skills and frostburn dmg on OFF? That’s the same

Not really cause grasping vines will actually inflict vit & bleed dmg on bosses and if you ever ran bleed builds or dot in general you know that the more dot sources the better

For me, Wildblood set has very weak and insignificant set bonuses, and too bad stats on all items except weapon. Weapon itself is nice for 2-h vitality melee, but i’d rather used other non-set belt and sholders, rather than Wildblood ones.

The non-mythical set has a nice set bonus (Wildblood; 8 % OA is nice, though it has a long cd gap).

The Mythical Version :undecided:…when going Bleed Damage, I would take Avenger/Bloodrager.