Will Developers "fix" this issue?

I just got the game about 2 weeks ago and have 2 decent characters. I was running through elite with my demo and got a purple recipe drop that was a pet belt. This was perfect since my other toon was a lvl 85 Occultist/Shaman pet build.

I got all excited went into town, moved stuff to my bank, sold stuff to the merchant, and then right clicked to learn the recipe. I then logged out and swapped toons. I jumped on, eager to make the new belt but could not find it at the recipe guy. I looked through all the tabs and nada…then fear ran through me…oh crap, if you right click to learn a recipe while still connected to the merchant, it sells the recipe instead of learns it! This is what must have happened?!

All other RPG games have a way to avoid this from happening. Can Crate add a safety level to this so that if you accidentally try to sell a purple item it pops up with a message that says “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SELL THIS…YOU IDIOT?”…or something similar? I know I can’t be the only one to accidentally do this since every other RPG has this safety feature and this would be an easy to implement safe guard.

Afterwards I went to look up the item and it was a Voidmancer’s Cord…RIP

I’d rather not have be asked every time I wanted to sell a purple item, that’s a shitload of annoyance once you actually have a ridiculous amount of stuff hoarded.

Better idea: pay attention to what you’re doing.

I believe I have a “fix” for you already. Download GDStash Tool, install it and craft yourself a recipe for Voidmancer’s Cord. It’s basically cheating, but since you’ve got it already…

And yeah, just be more careful in the future. Although they say adrenaline is good for your health :smiley:


How can you not click to read the recipe you were looking forward rigth away before going to the merchant is beyond me…

So no one else has ever done this in Grim Dawn where the right click is used to both read a scroll and sell stuff to the merchant? I have only been playing for 2 weeks and have learned my lesson but a lot of this is learn as you go.

How about when you right click on a scroll, the default is to learn it rather than sell it and if it is already learned then it sells it…or make the learn button something other than the right click.

And no, I don’t want any 3rd party hacks, add-ons, or cheats.

We HAVE done it, but we said “Oh damn. I should’ve paid attention. Shit.”

And left it at that.

Also, AFAIK you can disable right click selling in the Options menu of the game, if you’re really worried about it.

this, I have never seen a security popup like you suggest (do you really want to sell…) in any game, no idea which ones you are referring to

Would be annoying 99.5% of the time, thereby ensuring you will instinctively confirm the 0.5 % of the time as well :wink:

I did, realized I had accidently sold something and bought it back…

Your left click is context sensitive and so is your right click, it’s not that hard…

hope they just setup a warning message to fresh blueprints only.

Done it many times. Though unless you’ve got your sound turned off, you would have heard yourself selling the recipe. In my case I just bought it back.

Rule of thumb unless you see the “You have learnt to craft ****” message don’t exit the game.

This is probably your best bet. Since it’s a single player game, no one can judge you (or even know) that you did this. If you couldn’t live with yourself, then don’t do it and find the recipe again. It’s totally your choice: AFAIK, there’s no flag or anything that can get you in trouble.

I personally have never accidentally sold something that I didn’t just buy back right away.

You can buy back what you have sold by mistake.

Please note that the opposite mistake is also possible, and may turn out to be much worse: to believe that you are dealing with the vendor (while you are actually just reviewing your inventory), and start selling your junk loot (which make swap that junk with your current gear). If you then really are careless and start selling everything you have in your bags, you are in for a big mistake.

I did this once. Never again. You then look at your guy and be like WTF?!

They have this in Diablo3 and Guild Wars when trying to sale/salvage legendary items. In games like PoE and WoW they have special bags that prevent an accidental sale. All MMO and RPG games that I have played have some sort of safety feature.

I think my last idea would be a great feature without the need for pop ups: Right clicking on scrolls would default to learning them rather than selling them, unless it is already learned in which case it sells them automatically. This is just an issue for scrolls.

But in the end…YES I have learned my lesson. I am just thinking about other new players and trying to come up with a solution that does not negatively impact other players. Just an idea I had…any how game on! I still love this game and after a night off, went right back to playing it.

don’t recall seeing that in D3, maybe I forgot, maybe it was added later

I think the above solution is best