Will DW Rahzin Witchblade get nerved? :3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEDDCv4vEwU :() :O) :3

ehh, for what? for not fastest dummy kill and (again) not fastest SR75-76 run?

Rahzin WB is a decent build, good at what it is. No actual need tp nerf or buff it.


Z only nerfs Nightblades, because they’re a shady bunch :smirk:

What is the fastest dummy kill?
What about 50s Ravager lel?

And? Retal did it even faster. Superbosses are not the measurement for nerfes.

Retal has been nerfed, though.

So u want to nerf sth else for not serious reasons?

I want to nerf builds that overperform - compared to others.

Then maybe we need some more useful data except mediocre sr75-76 run and Ravager kill?
Like: other superbosses? Cruci timer? Max sr depth?
GT at least

Now your desire seems just irrelevant.

your opinion/thoughts of what “overperform” might not be the same as others or potentially even valid
Zantai will tone stuff down that deserves it
the reason for retal being repeatedly nerfed is it’s a tanky build, that managed deep sr, quick celestial kills, and meta Crucible times, and per Zantai’s (and others’) standards a tanky/retal build should not be allowed all that at the same time