Will it be 《Grim Dawn 2》soon?

look at Diablo IV,I think Grim Dawn 2 also has a good market prospect,just need some new game engine and change…
I can’t wait to see the story between Aetherials and Chthonians!

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not any time soon I’m afraid. Crate are focused on their other projects atm. They released their town building game Farthest Frontier into early access last August and that’s going really well in the build up to full release of the game. They also have a horror survival game and an RTS game under development. The RTS game will use the new generation of their game engine which they’re working on and it will be set on Cairn in a pre-GD era. And of course they’re still supporting GD with balance patches. So, given that Crate are only 15 people that lot’s going to keep them busy for a few years so don’t expect to see any hints of a GD2 for a while.

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Welcome to the forum! Like Medea said, GD2 isn’t likely to happen for a while yet. The good thing is, the original game offers great replay value for ARPG fans.

well, will we really have GD RTS games in the future?No matter how far in the future.
I already want to play the role of Death’s Vigil, to defeating the Kymon’s Chosen with a large undead army.

Yes, if everything goes to plan.

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Thank you for welcome!I can see it’s so hard for them to make a good sequel which meeting everyone’s expectations,maybe twice the worload or more……
I just wanna tell them, as soon as I see grim dawn2 sold in the steam,I will buy it,I swear that. :grinning:

I’m sure plenty of people will be doing the same. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Still have to get a GD2 developed enough that they could put it on Steam aand that’s still likely to be some years away.