Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

Maya, I’ve been slowly convincing madame spanksalot to join the GD family, and she said (and I quote), ‘Are there pets? I need to be a badass zookeeper.’


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[b]Callagadra Done!

Cheesed to death!

I feel bad…[/b]

EDIT: Realized I had a older version and that the immortal guards were fixed. Oh well…

RE: Necro leveling

Skeletons are fantastic for leveling. I don’t know how they are after Fiend changed but they should still be good. Deathchill relic when you can. I think there’s a couple other relics that compete with it now for early game but Deathchill really is fantastic. Your only concern is their resistances in the end, especially AoM content. Also, while leveling, buy a bunch of Wrath of the Beast Tinctures, they make doing the bosses a lot easier. And make sure you don’t slack on their resists.

Alternatively, you can do something with Ravenous Earth instead. Ravenous Earth has always been an amazing skill. Bonespike weapon + the basilisk medal for flat CDR.

You just saved my cabalist from becoming vit caster.Also got question to sigatrev will you update your builds or abandon them and make new ones?

Mogdrogen’s Ardor + Mythical Shadowfiend cord are worse then Dirge of Arkovia + Mythical Voidmancer cord?

I prefer the former two. Dirge tends to underperform in Crucible, and with the new patch you’ll probably want the extra pet pierce resistance for your Familiars.

Could you maybe provide GT link to a budget version or a small guide? I could add it to OP and credit you :smiley:


This does not take into account the familiar changes. That might change things. But generally, I like the Dirge pet :smiley:

Funny, I was actually making a guide on how to level pet cabalist at some point, that I forgot to save. I can’t remember what devotion pathing I was gonna go for, but it’s pretty straight forward for leveling: get fiend on skeletons, get shepherd’s crook on curse of frailty. Max Skeletons, max undead legion, then go occultist and start working on that. After killing Warden, if you don’t get Warden’s Judgement make a new game and run it again – it gives +1 max skeletons.

This was what I had at level 26 on an untwinked character: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2ddkJ02

Once you can, make Deathchill and that relic will take you to endgame.

After that it’s kinda whatever you need. Maxing Storm Spirit for the resistances + flat damage is a really good idea. Resistances are just in general a great idea, resummoning skeles sucks. Also the moment you hit friendly with rovers, buy a bunch of Wrath of the Beast Tinctures for doing bosses, it makes things very fast.

I would make a more proper guide, but I’m working on something for my bleed/phys pet conjurer, trying to test a few things. And I also haven’t leveled a new cabalist to 100 in uhh… a long time.

I see, I see.

Well, looking forward to your conjurer and a probable cabalist guide somehwere in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

So, does anyone know what it feels like to be mauled to death by ghosts while some flappy birds shoot lightning at you and during all that there is some bloated naked corpse farting in your face?

Ravager knows!

A this point ur just taunting Zantai
Stop it immediately or i see another nerf hammer going down :mad:

I may or may not have had a dream like that once :eek:

I have news for you then, You may or may not be the Ravager…

Hi, very new here. I’ve always enjoyed pet builds, saw this, decided to try it… However all the grimtool links don’t seem to work for me?

GrimTools website is down atm. You can read more about the current situation in the GT thread here.

can this build do all the content in the game in Hardcore safely? how does it compare to the ret builds that ppl claim are very strong?


I got my cab to 94 today plan on trying this build if i can ever find the drops. I was wondering whats an ideal DA i want to aim toward?

It can, except for the Crate of Entertaiment superboos from the new Secret Quest.

However Retaliation builds are insanely strong right now, so can’t compare with those.

2700+ is good.