Will there be a character wipe?

I couldn’t find any info regarding this. Does anyone know if with the new expansion there will be a character wipe?

I’m thinking in a pretty cool Warlord build and I wanted to prepare a Soldier and level up before the expansion comes out :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

No character wipes.

Only wipes if you do it yourself. The devs have no way to wipe saves because everything is local unless some weird bug is introduced.

Thank you guys. Time to level up my character then! :wink:

Not entirely true. Technically they could very readily introduce mechanisms to wipe your saves with any patch release while simultaneously making old backed up saves incompatible (as evidenced by the fact that Crate does in fact alter the save format from time to time, which many third-party tool modders can attest to). Crate have always worked to prevent having to wipe saves tho. The OP doesn’t have to worry as Crate have never participated in this particular practice.

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Why would they do that even if they can or can’t technically ?? There are no season/event/race in GD.