“Wind Chill” Cold/Lightning Trickster [W.I.P] Help Needed

“Wind Chill” Cold/Lightning Trickster [W.I.P]

Heyas all, Returning to Grim Dawn for the second time, and don’t have much experience with the devotion system, but liking it! This character started with two simple ideas: I wanted to play a nightblade and I wanted to use the Wind Devil skill. These two things didn’t neccearily have to be together but after some research and fiddling around I’ve come up with this build.

Grim Calc https://grimcalc.com/build/1009-BdOVCE

Now I’m hoping to expand this thread as I play the character so I’ll reserve a spot for further feedback.

But, before I keep going and learn everything the hard way I’m looking for some feedback. Can anyone give me advice on Devotions, or perhaps suggestions on skills for better min/maxing this build and not just go make a spellbreaker or other class :stuck_out_tongue: I think Devotion wise I have some good choices in there but dont know what those play like really at all.

Summon Devil
Shadowstrike in
Wail on the biggest things to stack savagery
Summon more devils +Bladeburst
Pneumatic burst as needed

The ideas here are:

Nights chill slows and debuffs OA adds in a cold Aoe that also debuffs cold resist. Wind devils build on the Debuff effect with all elemental resist and add in more cold damage and slight lightning. Viper from Devotion also debuffs resistance slightly more on whatever is being attacked.


Blade Burst + Tsunami for a frontal damage and buff of cold damage with lethal assault

Now I’m thinking of blizzard on savagry and reckless tempest on wind devils… better choices here?

Single target is done with savagery and dual wielding with execution providing a extra single target proc with more cold damage and %reduction. I didnt think going full on Shadowstrike would be good without a 2 handed weapon build for better single target damage?


pnumatic burst should be up as much as possible and elemental awakening is a huge buff for damage. The + elemental damage also helps out lighting and not just cold but more frostburn damage is added in also which works with stormcallers pact.

Couple of one point wonders… blade trap is a good OHH S#!t button

The rest is kind of in devotions. Dryad, Scales, and cleansing waters. Getting dryad earlier on for constant? Heals and then cleansing and scales for a bit more – not sure here just seems to make some sense.

Other thoughts:
My main weapon damage with savagery is lightning but there is sooo much cold damage through nightblade, and there are enough debuffs here that gear wise should I just stack + cold over lightning. Tons of frostburn damage here also with stormcallers pact adding in a bunch of +frostburn with lightning boost.

Would more points in lethal assault be better over something else?

4points in pneumatic and 4 points in shadowdance with + skills helping there?

1 point in blade spirit worth it for putting on a devotion skill for example?

Any Help will be appreciated, and if I keep going I will defintely post my results and try for a final build post too!